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Free's 1 Samuel Chapter 22 comment on 4/12/2022, 3:11am...

Dear "Marke" when you say it like that. I think you said this really unwise. One thing is for sure all these leaders have been appointed not by themselves. But from God, as kings and queens. They are doing something that they are forced to do, they have a purpose. Like Judas. So you also really need to land on earth again and think about: What does God want with your life? I think about it daily, what would Jesus have done. I can see Him coming walking toward all the unsaved, making contact and talking about the kingdom of Heaven. :)

We must pray for our leaders every day, that's right. We should pray overhead every day, that's right. 1 Timothy 2:1-4 As my friend, everything becomes as God WANTS. THAT IS THE MAIN THING. Remember we are like ants, they have nothing they should have said in this context! Sand grains! Are you with me? Acts 2:32-39

Have you tried and asked the Holy Spirit why it is being fought again in Europe? In while we watch the war. If we forget other things, look at China now Shanghai! The city is locked 25 million ppl! All democratic sanctions imposed on Russia strike back at Russia and end it, take their friends also! Sick people are not treated, covid, tells them? Now people are sitting in their houses starving.

Now all countries in the world must begin to think that we are exposed and that with the danger of food shortages!

Please, join us so we dive into the scriptures instead of hang out some ppl.

Always be happy After all, i have not yet lived with the danger of my live. Everything has a connection, so it is our job to find out what: Read Luke 11 and 12 chapters. Stay Blessed Jesus Loves u and want u to come to the truth, i love u in Christ.


Suze's 1 Samuel Chapter 22 comment on 4/11/2022, 2:00am...

I had never thought of it like that , thanks Marke .


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