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Bro dan's Proverbs Chapter 18 comment on 6/20/2023, 5:24pm...

Hi Lodebar,

Thanks for sharing your life saving testimony, God does miracles John 14:13. Amen


Lodebar's Proverbs Chapter 18 comment on 6/20/2023, 2:38pm...

Hello All

Concerning Proverbs 18:21...My mom told me that when I was born, an elder in the family commented, upon looking upon me and reacting to, what she referred to as me looking too angelic. She told my mom, " She didn't come here to stay".

Well eight months later I contracted SPINAL MENIGITUS. My mom had to be very proactive and had to respond to the Holy Spirit's leading; with her working with God, I was saved by her being led to a phone booth in the hallway of that hospital that gave up on me and calling a Private Pediatrician . He told my mom to get me out of that hospital...he ordered an ambulance and saved my life...that was 68 years ago ( Drs. FORREST P. WHITE AND NELSON PAYNE). I believe the words spoken over me by the family member had power to cut my life short. In my life I've had so many up close and personal encounters with God. I ought to write a book detailing them. I've written them in great detail on my I Pad. Peace to everyone


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