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Dgjot's Ezekiel Chapter 3 comment on 11/24/2022, 6:00am...

No worries :)


Chris's Ezekiel Chapter 3 comment on 11/22/2022, 5:18pm...

Hi Dgjot. I understand your sentiments on this matter. My own salvation testimony rests, not primarily on God's Love for me but on the volume of my sins that greatly offended God & my deserved punishment as a result. After realising this, I then understood God's Love for me in the Person of Jesus Christ His Son.

I believe that the evangelism of the lost, whether they choose to listen to God's Word or not, whether they're antagonistic towards me or not, needs to continue because both God's Love & God's fury needs to be told. "How shall they hear without a preacher?" (Romans:10:14). Yes, I agree many have heard & many have rejected God's gracious offer to them but we aren't privy to those appointed to the Kingdom to whom the Word of God must come, and those who will refuse. Otherwise, the apostles could have easily saved themselves great hardship & persecution by just having a table in the town centre & wait for interested people to come for a 'friendly' chat.

That people are going into a Christ-less eternity & our passion for lost souls must drive the Spirit-filled believer into action, should be our motivation. Now, how & when we share this life-saving, life-giving news will be by the promptings of the Holy Spirit to each person. If God hasn't drawn the curtains of His Grace on this World yet, we must know that the work of evangelizing the lost must continue - that more wretched sin-filled souls need redemption & the chance of eternal life. And of course, the personal joy of sharing the Gospel to those inclined to listen, is a great blessing. If there's "joy in the presence of the angels of God when a sinner repents", how blessed it is to be a partner in this great work that all of Heaven is focused on, with the Lamb of God still with the marks of His agony on Him, enthroned before them.


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