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Mishael and Reading the Book of Revelation's Ezekiel Chapter 3 comment on 7/12/2020, 1:37pm...

Never wait on someone to spoon feed the Bible to you. Go grab a "Bible steak" and enjoy, any time you want to.

God gives a blessing to anyone who reads the Book of Revelation. No matter how many times you do it. That's a little preached fact. REVELATION 1:3. Claim the blessing.

I showed you the verse; it's up to you to bless yourself. I read it out loud so the demons can hear how they're going to hell with Satan: again, again, again etc. lol

I lived in Tulsa 3 years. I heard Christians be naughty saying things about him. I heard them one day laughing about him and what the unbelievers said about him daily on the radio. A holy righteous anger flared up in me and I shouted at them: So! You're going to slice up a brother in the Lord, and leave him for dead??? The Holy Spirit TOLD me not to listen to them. Move along ...

I listen to Oral Roberts on YouTube Teaching the Book of Revelation ALL the time. He teaches the Word and leaves himself out of it. His comments can be backed up by other scriptures. All the segments are numbered so you can listen to it in order.

I highly recommend it. A peace settles over my spirit that is almost palpable. A seemingly mysterious Book is not a mystery anymore. These things are coming to the earth and we need to know what is happening. I would NOT steer you wrong.

Ask God to bless your body and heal you; finances; children to be Saved; and other requests. Use that promised blessing


Mishael's Ezekiel Chapter 3 comment on 7/12/2020, 11:43am...

Every time you read Revelation, you get a Blessing from God.

Does anyone need a blessing? Healed?

If you don't understand something; enter this website and use the SEARCH box. Type in a few words from the verse you want explained. Hit the New Testament only button; if that is where your scripture is.

Tap on the verse and it should turn yellow. Scroll downward till you see the COMMENTARY box. Open it and read what elder Scholars have commented on that scripture.

Really good Bible Study helps!

If the search engine can't find your scripture you'll see another BOX to take you directly to Google. I find a LOT of verses that way.

There's some really good links on the opening page to go to to learn new scripture or explanation.

Explore like Columbus. :D


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