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Luke Chapter 9


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Rob's Luke Chapter 9 comment on 8/18/2021, 7:10pm...

Some thing I cannot stress enough through experience and the Wisdom of the word of God .

ALWAYS give Jesus the last word on any matter . If any other contradicts What Jesus says they are wrong .

Jesus said in Luke 21 and Matthew 24 " beware lest any man deceive you " . If you stick with Jesus words you will be the minority, but on the right road . May God bless those that will not settle for anything less than the truth !


Fred Scanlan's Luke Chapter 9 comment on 7/22/2021, 1:39am...

This healer, this one who will move you without a word, has His disciples awe struck! He reminds them that the night in the garden is coming when man is coming for Him. Settle these things now in your minds! The prophecy from the beginning must be filled up, complete! The church, His church , will be everlasting, not temporary, everlasting! Created in the heaven and earth! Having these things first always in your heart and mind. You will see, even as they walk him away from us! Let these sayings sink down into your ears.


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