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Chris's Exodus Chapter 31 comment on 11/04/2020, 1:39am...

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This has been a very brief explanation as there's much that could be said, but I hope that the message from God to us is clear to you & please feel free if you require further information. And yes, the Church does not practise animal sacrifice today & never will, because God provided His Own Sacrifice that fully met His demands & penalty that was against us. This was a once only Sacrifice & for all who come to Him by faith in Jesus.


Chris's Exodus Chapter 31 comment on 11/04/2020, 1:38am...

Page 2.

The blood of the animal was spilt & applied for man's sake, but the flesh of the animal was later consumed by those officiating in the Tabernacle as food. So by doing this, were the people forgiven & free from their sin against God? No - the sacrifices only temporarily covered their sin & hid God's Anger, as long as the people repented for their sins & sacrifice was being made. But this system could not go on forever as God had planned that a once-only permanent sacrifice would be made that would be acceptable to Him. Why couldn't God do this in the first place? Well, His people, Israel, had to first learn what sin was & how reprehensible sin was to a Holy God. The Laws that they couldn't fully obey were to show them their sinfulness & utter reliance upon God Who could still forgive them through sacrifice.

But the time had come for God's Own Sacrifice to come to Earth to be the only acceptable & permanent Sacrifice. And this Sacrifice would completely do away with those temporary animal sacrifices. So God provided His Son, called Jesus Christ, to give His Life for mankind's sins (both for the Jew & the Gentile): John 3:16. Jesus' death on the Cross provided the way for mankind to come back to God - not by sacrifice or any self-effort, but only by believing in Jesus' death & resurrection from the grave & by putting his faith in God to accomplish it on his behalf. So again, a blood sacrifice was required as it showed "a life being given for another life". What we couldn't do because we're filthy sinners, Jesus Christ the spotless Lamb from God was able to do for us & God accepted it by raising Jesus from the dead. So all who put their faith in Jesus are 'justified' by God: i.e. declared no longer guilty & made righteous before Him.


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