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NEVER GOING BACK TO EGYPT's Ezekiel Chapter 20 comment about verse 25 on 11/30/2020, 10:55am...

I was taught that "Egypt" in our modern times means our old sins and idols in our lives. The difference between now and then, is that we have received the power of the risen Christ into our born again lives.

No matter how God provided for them, they never let go of their idols and memories of Egyptian religious practices, like golden calves. They wandered in the deserts till the older generation died away. Moses died. Joshua then took them into the Promised land.

We all must freely give our old sins; even the memories. How do you do that? You forgive your involvement and then give it to God. Satan will tempt periodically to see if you really meant it? We have power to step over that noose, through Jesus's blood sacrifice.

We are in Covenant with Jesus. He gives us his armor and strength; and we give Him our weakness and failures.

Stand sure upon that Covenant relationship.

New Christians should search through their belongings and mementos; to see if an "old idol" of the memory of sin (Egypt), needs to be cast away. It is a very freeing experience to rid yourself of the baggage of sin.

Most preachers don't teach on this, but I do. Familiar Spirits (follows ancestral sins), or keep track of hidden sins. They follow us around to remind us of those old things.

You Take away their power to remind, re-injure the memories, tempt us to revisit sin (to see if it's really dead?) Get rid of them once and for all.

(Bind them by name.) I bind and cast out all familiar spirits in the name of Jesus Christ!

I break their power in my life and my ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve. I loose the blessings of God to fill my life with blessing and restoration. I send those familiar spirits into outer darkness by the name and the power of Jesus Christ. I stand on Jesus's Authority and none other.

I decree that those familiar spirits NEVER return. In the name of my Lord Jesus.

May we go forward from Egypt into the Promised Land.



Patricia's Ezekiel Chapter 20 comment about verse 25 on 11/30/2020, 6:37am...

Explain Ezekiel 20:7-8


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