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Charlie's Ezekiel Chapter 20 comment about verse 25 on 10/10/2020, 8:08pm...

the sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath. mark 2-27, col 2-16 let no man

therefore judge you in meat or in drink, or in respect of an holyday or of the new moon or of

the sabbath days. the sabbath for the born again christian is everyday. the early church worshipped

the first day of the week or sunday.keeping the sabbath does not save from hell jesus saves from

hell if you are a sda it is false cult denying hell and after death, and it is a works based cult founded

by ellen g white who was a plagarist.acts 4-12 salvation is found in no other name there is no other name

given among men which we must be saved.


Jill Johns's Ezekiel Chapter 20 comment about verse 35 on 9/05/2020, 9:12am...

America is end time Israel where the gathering of his people is taking place. It is the only Nation that fulfills the prophecy to Abraham. Most of his people reside in the Christian Churches and are being called out, leaving in droves. Come out of her (the Babylonian whore) my people!)


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