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Chris's Daniel Chapter 9 comment on 10/03/2021, 2:04am...

Thank you brother S. Spencer. That was indeed a special directive from the Lord to me which was both unusual & yet very specific - I had been praying much about the matter as I felt the Lord leading me that way, but not knowing the path to take. But it took patience & a constant looking to the Lord over a number of years. And even this may not be quite the experience of many, though I'm certain that both you & others here have at times sensed being led in a direction in life or sharing a word with someone, or even given extra power or courage, that didn't come from any inclination of the mind or body, rather being compelled to do so by the Spirit (i.e. being taken & drawn forward by the arm, by God).

Romans 8:14: "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God". Often we read this verse as given, but I like to also read it backwards: 'if you're a child of God, then you WILL be led by the Spirit of God'. A similar rendering, but the emphasis being on 'being led'. We could add, 'where the Holy Spirit wants to go, we will go as well - what He wants to do, we will do as well'. His indwelling us is more than an earthly temple to dwell in, but to get the Work of God accomplished through us. But it's a sad day when we resist Him. Every blessing brother.


S Spencer's Daniel Chapter 9 comment on 10/02/2021, 10:50pm...

Amen Brother Chris for that encouraging testimony and advice to all us listeners.

God bless.


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