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Ptjones's Daniel Chapter 9 comment on 6/11/2021, 10:20am...

Daniel 9:26-27. After 69 weeks the Messiah will cut off. He will be rejected.After that the people of the Prince (Jesus)to come will destroy the city and the Holy Sanctuary.The Prince used in two the two passages are one and the same.The people of Prince referred here was the Roman army.Because the Jews rejected their Messiah and killed Him. So that they are also rejected by God and they are no longer God's own people.After stoning of Stephen in AD 34 Jews sealed their fate and 70 weeks prophecy completed for the Jews and the gospel went to gentiles through Apostle Paul.So whoever believe in Jesus Christ are become His own people.Thus Romans are also His people.The abomination that desolated the Israel nation was rejecting their Messiah and killing Him.Through Jesus Christ by His sacrifice on the cross all sacrifices ended and the new covenant come in to force and it was sealed by His own blood.


Richard in Christ's Daniel Chapter 9 comment about verse 27 on 4/18/2021, 1:36am...

Not that this is really that important to me. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen so many people ask about a certain book in the Bible in one day.

If anyone is wondering about that book that was read at someones funeral. Just scroll through the comments a bit and you'll see numerous answers given to numerous people about the same thing. Also the people that posted that are looking for the book the link to it is right next to your name.

The Apocrypha books were originally in the 1611 KJV Holy Bible. They only began removing them in 1885 as you can read on this page. As there are some things that some people didn't like. Also there are many things that connect directly to the teachings of the rest of the Holy Bible.


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