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Free's Ezra Chapter 2 comment on 4/27/2022, 11:36pm...

Dear "Sonia Anderson", i know like you + a very blessing of and could serve some of the Lord's beloved here on the web with words of wisdom in due time, prayer and conversation. I thank you all on the web every day, my heart is full of gratitude for the website.

And for u be comforted that you need no money and learn the Word of God, the Holy Spirit does the job best of all! :) Many times a person may not know what is best for themselves. But God knows.

It never goes wrong if we hear His voice before our own. Otherwise, it is important that you get the lessons you want, you will find everything in here if you look, Good luck and put KJV as a shortcut on your screen, it is wise.

Stay blessed in Jesus Name, love u in Christ. Advice: Emphasize and read God's Word every day, and He will open up the scripture to you. 1 Corintihans 12:1-31


Suze's Ezra Chapter 2 comment on 4/27/2022, 1:21pm...

Dear Sonia , please , just buy yourself a KJV Bible and read and enjoy it . If you read it with an open heart and mind , every day , you won't need to pay money for commentaries or lessons . Everything you need to know is in the Bible , as long as you are commited to reading it and do so you will learn everything for yourself . Have patience , it's not a race it's a lifelong relationship that will grow and get stronger as long as you keep reading the Bible . May God bless your efforts .


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