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Richard H Priday's Isaiah Chapter 31 comment on 2/13/2022, 9:29am...

These passages seem to primarily refer to the abasement of Egypt in the initial 3 verses in Isaiah's time as many other passages do warning Israel not to flee there and trust in them when other nations are attacking. The rest of the passage referring to the "Assyrian" in verse 8 likely are a reference to the Antichrist; perhaps when he receives as deadly wound with the sword as Zechariah 11:17 especially with the analogy to shepherds in verse 4. The retreat to the fortress or stronghold also seems to correspond with the Gog and Magog war; when God Himself begins to fight for Jerusalem but before the final judgment is carried out and the final sacking of Jerusalem in Zechariah 14:2.

These passages indicate that God judges His people first; and verse 6 seems to indicate that they will turn "from whom the children of Israel have deeply revolted"; in other words once the Abomination of Desolation occurs they will realize that they have trusted in an imposter; and God will begin to turn his attention on judging the nations; and then Antichrist himself. They will then turn from idol worship as well; which no doubt will accompany the Babylon religious system of the first half of the Tribulation. Perhaps the sword wound will be given from a Godly man at first; clearly the final end is not from the power of man either but Christ at His return although that may be only an indirect reference here.


Js's Isaiah Chapter 31 comment on 1/18/2020, 4:54am...

Yes...those who trust in places rather than God and the one who helps them will fail and perish together..but those who trust in the Lord, God will be like a strong lion defending it's prey. He will fight for, deliver, and defend those who call on him and trust in him... I love it!!!


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