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Jesse's Luke Chapter 16 comment about verse 22 on 6/29/2021, 8:43pm...

Rev. Bob,

I just want to make a spelling correction. It is the Valley of Hinnom, not Henom. I was going off my memory of things I've learned when I gave a response about this valley and did not look up the correct spelling. Sorry about that!


Ronald L Whittemore's Luke Chapter 16 comment about verse 22 on 6/28/2021, 7:14pm...

Rev. Bob Blaine:

I agree with Jesse, he gave a great answer, it is also called Gehenna, a destination of the wicked. Jesus used Gehenna as an illustration of hell (the lake of fire), the fire that shall never be quenched. This is a parable; in the Hebrew tradition Abrahams bosom was a place where the righteous dead would go. Excluding the context; is the point of this parable to show when we die, we go to heaven or hell as many teach?

The Jewish people of the time of Jesus had been influenced by Babylonian and Hellenistic Greek cultures. The Pharisees were covetous, they flaunted their wealth and the seat of authority they had. Is this parable describing a holding place where the redeemed can live in peace and safety but can look and even talk across a vast chasm with the sufferings of the sinners in torment?

This parable also does not fit all of scripture, if we receive our reward as soon as we die, as said, we go to heaven or hell. In the text of Luke16 Jesus is talking to Pharisees and scribes and in context, Jesus covers stewardship, love of riches, adultery and no servant can serve two masters.

Many scriptures tell us when we will receive our reward and it is not when we die. Here are just a few and they all agree it is at the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 16:27) (1 Corinthians 1:7-8) (1 Corinthians 15:22-23) (1 Thessalonians 2:19) (Revelation 22:12).

I am sorry if this offends, I did not want to take away of Jesse's answer, but I feel some verses are taken out of context to teach untruths. If this parable is about how to escape hell and go to heaven when you die, then the lesson of the story is that eternal life can be earned by being poor. I'm sure many will disagree including you.



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