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T Levis's Luke Chapter 16 comment on 11/14/2022, 1:51am...

Beverley Blevins,

This scripture may be exactly what you were looking for: 1John 5:13,14, in context 1John 5, continued from 1John 4,

I thank the LORD, showing me today.

Hopefully this is helpful


GiGi's Luke Chapter 16 comment on 11/07/2022, 6:38pm...

Dear Beverly,

Salvation is a gift from God, given to us because He is gracious and merciful. We receive salvation by faith-believing that God has indeed brought about salvation to those who believe in Jesus and His work to save us. This means believing that the eternal Son of God took on a human body and nature, though being God, and was born of a virgin (Mary), lived a life in perfect obedience to God, thus fulfilling completely any and all laws God has spoken to mankind, suffered in His body, soul, and spirit on the cross, having been crucified, He died, paying the just penalty for all the sin of mankind and accepting upon Himself all of the wrath of God that is due all of mankind for our sins, was buried and stayed dead physically for three days. His soul and spirit went to the abode of the dead. before dawn on the third day, He rose bodily from the dead by the power of God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, and Himself, God the Son. He appeared to His disciples many times, and ascended into heaven, taking His rightful place at the right hand of the Father.

Beverly, believing that these things really did happen to and in Jesus is necessary. But in addition, we, by faith, call on the name of Jesus and agree that He saved us from our own sinfulness, forgives us all of our sins, gives us new life (His) that is eternal, and will spend eternity with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit after we die.

Beverly, if you believe in Jesus and in all that He did as our Savior, then you can be assured that you are saved and that the Father has chosen you and drawn you to Jesus. No one can snatch you from Him. He will preserve you in faith in this life because He will not lose even one whom the Father has given Him. Praise be to our amazing God!

In our saved new life, we will certainly desire to live in faith and obedience to Jesus. The Holy Spirit dwells in us and helps us through God's grace. yet, as long as we are in this life with our sinful nature, we will sin.


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