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Chris's Luke Chapter 16 comment about verse 23 on 1/13/2021, 2:28pm...

Thank you Valerie for sharing those worthy & valuable thoughts on these matters.


Valerie's Luke Chapter 16 comment about verse 23 on 1/13/2021, 7:03am...

Chris: You are absolutely RIGHT! Romans 12:2 And be no conformed to this world. but be ye transformed by (through) the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. When reviewing the above scripture verse 22 of Luke 16 the angels carried him. I believe that GOD has angels to what he instructs. EZEKIEL 10:18-19. verse 23 of LUKE 16. " the rich man also died " I wonder if the the rich man blasphemed ( that is another scripture within the bible the WORD of GOD the GOD in the form of JESUS would send a person to hell for. Also within verse 24 we see , he cried and goes through family lineage he confesses and gives honor to GOD the Father and his torment continues. Also within that verse he reflect on the knowledge he learned and request for the person he disregard to give him water. The rich man recognizes where he will live for eternity. That provides the TRUTH of the LIVING WORD OF GOD that GOD ignited his cognitive remembrance so the rich man is tormented

You bring up a valid prespective. To the WORD of GOD. I believe that and after researching the WORD OF GOD. It provides specific instructions within the old testament of the proper way of disposing of dead people and their remains. I have to find it the scripture. Now it is 2021 the cremation would logically be safer. Because of the world and the nature of it. Also I think cremation also sends a bible prespective and sight to the Abraham and Lazarus. The cremation of 2021 is very different I believe from bible times. The TRUTH of current world.The cultivation of land is to be preserved. I think. Abraham stood his post within the scripture when speaking the word of GOD and the use of the word son and the reflection of his meanness and what he did to the Lazarus. Hell is real. Also Chris there is an art depiction of GOD and the TRUTH and HELL at 1stDIB it is from Italy,circa 1890 called Mannequin. We can see the scripture. 7:03 AM


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