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GiGi's Luke Chapter 16 comment on 12/14/2021, 10:02am...

Dear David,

God knows the situation. He will bring fruit from your witness in this man. I am sure he as been thinking about your last conversation during these covid times. You planted, someone else may water, and God gives the increase.

Lord, I pray for this man that David has cared for as family. May your Word enliven him to eternal life in these his last years here in this life. Cause him to really consider how he wises to spend eternity so that he will come to realize that spending it with You is the best ever offer! We ask that David will once again be able to see this man and spend time with him as often as can be allowed. In your holy name, Jesus. Amen


David R Clark's Luke Chapter 16 comment on 12/14/2021, 8:23am...

I have a dear family friend, whom I consider family, who is 91 years of age and who has not called on the Lord for salvation. I witnessed to him a few years back; the Holy Spirit filled his soul to prepare him to accept the salvation of Christ. He was so very close to accepting Christ but said he just could not because he knew his parents and brother are not in heaven.

I'm kicking myself for not thinking of Luke 16:19.

I have not been able to sit and talk with him because of the covid restrictions at his retirement center. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give me another chance to present the plan of salvation again.


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