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Chris's Esther Chapter 9 comment on 2/24/2021, 9:30pm...

Just another option (aside from Dr. Katz) for you to consider as to the meaning of those verses 10 & 13. Verse 10 clearly shows that Haman's ten sons were killed but Esther made a special request for them & their father Haman, to be hanged (vv 14 & 25).

Sometimes, amongst the heathen, those criminals who were hanged, had their corpses left on the tree, sometimes for a short spell or until they were consumed. Esther may have resorted to a similar act, whereby the full impact of the wickedness of Haman & his sons (who would have been complicit to their father's crime), become an ongoing witness to all people, of their wickedness & God's deliverance of the Jews. So the Feast of Purim, became an everlasting memorial for the Jews.


Mild Bill's Esther Chapter 9 comment on 2/24/2021, 8:58pm...

Raymond W.Smith,

The ancient practice was to hang your enemies in a public display, as was the case in 1Samuel 31, where Saul and his sons were displayed on the city walls. When John Milius wrote Apocalypse Now, his mad Colonel Kurtz character employed the same tactic in the Vietnam era to create fear in his enemies.

I found the explanation by SkipVought to be thoroughly entertaining and I will never forget it. However I might want to investigate it further, I doubt I will ever find the sages and commentators, no doubt the Kabbalistic sort, on line to see for myself the veracity of such a tale of divine justice. You will note that where Skip left Agag alive, a few verses later Samuel hacks him to death, 1 Samuel 31. The label of Haman as an "Agagite" is more of an ethnic connection to Agag, rather than a bloodline, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if he was.:)


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