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Adam's Joshua Chapter 3 comment on 1/25/2021, 11:27am...

Hi Sophia,

There is much depth to this subject, and you can learn how to defend the faith by reading the Bible and by reading books or websites on this topic. Your answer depends on who is asking, age, how much they know about the Bible/Christianity already, if they seem genuinely open or are just ready to attack your beliefs, how much time you have, if there's distractions, etc. There's also countless logical fallacies that are commonly used to attack Christianity, but if someone isn't aware of them, some might be blindly accepted instead of called out. Here's what I do for example:

1: Why should I believe in God?

2: Why shouldn't you?

1: There's no proof, you can't see Him

2: Actually there's tons of proof. Can you prove He DOESN'T exist?

1: Yeah, but why would you believe in something you can't see?

2: Are you assuming that if you can't see it, that it must not exist?

1. Yeah.

(flip who is leading the questions)

2. So, do you love your parents?

1. Yeah of course

2. So, prove it. You just said if you can't see it it doesn't exist, and you can't see love, so using your logic does that mean you don't love your parents?

You can go all kinds of directions with this, but the key is to address and counter each false assumption. Back to creation/evolution.

1. Why don't you believe in evolution?

2. Because there's no scientific proof of it.

1. Yes there is, there's tons.

2. No, there isn't. No one has ever witnessed one species evolve into another. It has NEVER happened, and no one has ever witnessed it.

1. Yeah, but look at all the similarities. The DNA.

2. So, are you assuming that if something has similarities that it must have 'come' from it?

(flip who is leading questions)

2. So, a unicycle has many similarities with a bicycle and a motorcycle. It has very similar 'DNA'. With your logic is, does that prove that a unicycle evolved into a motorcycle?

1. That's different.

2. What if it's not different? They were each designed and created.

2. The problem is that you exist with more advanced features than anyone can imagine and your best explanation is that an explosion from nothing created you. Your interconnected systems show proof of intelligent design. So, where you intentionally designed or accidentally designed from an explosion from nothing? How often do we see advanced designs come from random explosions? No one has ever witnessed that. Since it's never been seen, and since it doesn't follow the scientific method, and since it violates the laws of thermodynamics, I think it takes more faith to believe in that to believe I was intelligently designed.



Sophia's Joshua Chapter 3 comment on 1/25/2021, 9:45am...

If someone asks me why they should believe in God instead of evolution or something that is ungodly what should I say? In the situation of them asking me how, How did God come about and me telling them no one knows? What should I say?


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