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Richard H Priday's Joshua Chapter 3 comment on 3/19/2022, 7:37am...

The story of Joshua 5 mirrors the Exodus in several ways. First; it involves the end of an era and the beginning of movement into a new land across water which was dried up. Second; once again the Presence of God was there; although at this time there was the Ark with the manna inside to remind everyone of God's earlier miraculous provision. There was also Joshua in the stead of Moses; acting as the leader or representative. The miracle was also noteable as the waters of the Jordan ALWAYS flooded in this season (sidenote in v. 15).

There was a call to sanctify (probably abstinence and ceremonial cleanness) in verse 5; and verse 6 indicated how the Levites were to administer initial movements forward; and the people were to follow. The 12 men of every tribe (v. 12) were to represent God's inheritance as was to be distributed among the tribes after conquest (v. 10).

It would seem that such promises which indeed brought fear among the pagans as already witnessed in Chapter 2 would cause these Jews to remain faithful for the rest of their days.

There was soon to be much fear and trepidation; and eventual disobedience-although perhaps the successful faithfulness time frame might be longer here than in during the Exodus. Admittedly; what would be seen with human eyes in regard to the giants of the land would cause such a reaction as this was a new thing to behold. Once again; the theme of TRUST in relation to God needs to be upheld. His covenants are unchanging-praise God or we would all perish as we all have sin remaining as long as our earthly tabernacle remains (1 John 1:8).

However; we all have the potential and ability through the Spirit to put the flesh to death day by day. We seek; however a heavenly city(Heb. 11:16) which was already foreshadowed by the faithful saints of the O.T.


Susan Jackson's Joshua Chapter 3 comment on 2/15/2022, 11:25pm...

When the government goes bad you don't have to obey. Jesus Christ Said that and that time is right now


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