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Mild Bill's Leviticus Chapter 5 comment on 12/16/2020, 2:56am...

mishael, I'm glad you think the Holy Spirit can influence a persons will, therefore I ask you, what is a "human free will", free of? Or, maybe you can see the answer this way, "is there a time the human will is not free"?


The Godhead before Genesis 11's Leviticus Chapter 5 comment on 12/15/2020, 11:30pm...

Genesis 1

2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The earth was prepared for the moment when The Bible says, in beginning. God created Time first. God lives outside of time, and He is the Alpha and the Omega. So He can move inside of Time too.

I've always thought that because only earth was made habitable (among all the rest of the solar system),

The Godhead had been preparing earth for the moment God spoke The Word, and the Holy Spirit who is Action, performed the Word.

The challenging thing is that He gave everyone freewill. We could live in Gods perfect will. I think our free will is influenced by the Holy Spirit, (our human free will). and "The I WILL": Lucifer who lost his name and became Satan. Isaiah 14:12

At the end of this period of time, we will be moving to heaven which exists outside of time. We aren't going to age and die.

It's really hard sometimes to read the doubtful comments. I pay close attention when I'm reading the Bible (which is a large part of my time), what is the Godhead showing me about themselves, today? I find them all United in purpose, they conference together; I mark those things that cause hurt and righteous anger. I love many stories in the Bible; love to re-tell them to complete strangers: like Elijahs eyes opened to see legions of war dressed angels in chariots, or beloved Gideon hiding out because he didn't see himself as a leader of armies. God weeded them down to just the guys that keep a lookout even as they lapped water like dogs do. God said: "those are your guys, Gid." Talking donkeys, etc.

Guys & Gals, try reading the Bible to learn the stories. Like: Cain was killed in a fist fight. The guy that killed him outlived the curse.

Who wants to be on earth when it burns up?

Saddle up! Tell someone about Jesus. Tell his story and just invite them to pray with you.



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