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Jwes1's Matthew Chapter 6 comment on 8/10/2023, 10:37pm...

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think what was confusing me was the way the statement is structured. Just looking at light doesn't really make your body full of light in any concrete way, or your heart either. Just looking at evil doesn't make your body full of darkness. But if you take it in the context of the passage that comes before (don't store up treasures on earth), and the passages that comes after (no one can serve both God and finance and don't worry about your earthly needs), it becomes more clear that the eye focused on the hereafter has different priorities than the eye focused on getting ahead in the world.


GiGi's Matthew Chapter 6 comment on 8/08/2023, 5:56pm...

Sorry Jwes1,

I commented on 5:22-23

So, as for 6:22-23, Jesse has answered you well. The eye is often thought of as the window to your soul. In these verses the eye is said to be a light into one's body, so perhaps in this instance, if your eye is evil it reveals the darkness in your being, but if it is single, then it shows the light/goodness in your being. I understand that by saying that the eye is 'single" Jesus means without deceit, malice, or ill will towards one's neighbor or rebellion towards God. Truly, only believers in Christ can have a 'single' eye because non-believers are in darkness of sin and separated from the eternal light and life of God. But in Christ, we are in the light as He is in the light and have our consciouses cleansed by the removal of our sin by Christ's sacrifice. Therefore, a believers has the light of Christ in our beings and His eye was truly "single", without any semblance of actual sin in Himself. He was truly the light of the world and when we are in Him, we too have that eternal light of life in us, too. We, too, can love God and our neighbor as Jesus is explaining in this Sermon on the Mount.



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