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Names of our father god


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Can we then resurrect that 'dead' sin nature? Does it even still exist? Sadly, until we get to Heaven, our sin nature will always remain in us, but the victory lies in how we deal with it & how we deal with Satan who appeals to that nature. Can we resurrect that nature? Every time we listen to Satan, we are resurrecting that nature. Every time we listen to God, we are keeping that nature 'in death' & living in the Spirit. And this was the struggle that was with Paul as he wanted to live in the Spirit, but Satan kept attacking him in his old nature.

So, Joan, the struggle will always continue while we're here on Earth, but Christ gives us the victory. What can you do? You have already pleaded with God for release from your bondage - God hears your cries. Has He put anything else on your heart? I don't know your story, but the Spirit of God is there for you to give it all to Him & to give you victory. If your mind is afflicted, then set your mind on wholesome, spiritual things that are found in God's Word. If it is a lust for something, then turn away from that temptation or remove it from your view altogether & turn to God in prayer & in His Word. When you resist Satan, he will flee (James 4:7) because He knows that you are calling upon the Power of God against him. This is not just theoretical, but very practical as we stand against the wiles of the devil. Talk to the Lord often, wherever you are & in whatever you're doing & when Satan is near to tempt you, run to the Lord Who is listening for your call. And remember, your stand against the enemy can only be done in the Spirit's Power & not in your own strength.


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