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Ronald Whittemore's Revelation Chapter 13 comment on 11/04/2022, 4:48am...

Hey Donald Duggan,

Just something to consider; using the recorded dates of 538AD as the time when the papacy became an established power until 1798AD when the French army broke it up is 1260 years calculated on 365.25-year. In the prophecy, 42 months, 3 1/2 years, and 1260 days are based on a 30-day month and 360-day year. Would this change these dates fitting a prophecy when based on a 360-day year, would only be 1241.89 years, not 1260?

I agree there were many terrible things done by the papacy and it would be easy to equate it to this prophecy. My understanding of the tribulation is 3 1/2 years but if we consider it to be 7 and if the first half is 1260 years would not the second half be the same amount of time?

Just a thought you may consider.

God bless,



Donald Duggan's Revelation Chapter 13 comment on 11/03/2022, 2:19pm...

In Daniel 7 there are 4 beasts, if you count the heads and the horns you will get 7 heads and 10 horns. This is a pagan religious system that will influence the world the first half of the tribulation. This beast is worse than the other 3 because it has all in it. The Roman empire is the 4th but in 538 AD the holy Roman empire took over. Nobody was allowed to have any copy of any sort of Gods word or you could face death. They also had the authority to choose who would be the leader of a country. This stayed in play until 1798 when Napoleon captured the pope and put a stop to it. they ruled that way for 1260 years. So the 1260 days is actually 1260 years and that was the wound to the head. In 1923 the holy Roman empire was given a seat at the UN. It was this group when translating his name Yeshua they called him Iesous then later the English put a J on it. They changed the sabbath to Sunday instead of Saturday and created 100s of images of the sun god. Alot of people do this anyway.


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