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Cowboy's Revelation Chapter 13 comment on 1/23/2021, 8:07am...

Here is what I see is going to happen. This vaccine for Covid 19 has nano particles in it, is to get your body use to the chip (so your body will not refuse the chip) that is in the vaccine. They say the chip is to let them know that you have already had the first shot. But here is the thing, the people that refuse the vaccine will be flagged and the government will issue that it is mandatory that you receive this vaccine. If you still refuse to take this vaccine then the military will come in and take you to a concentration camp (as for Biden)


Robert M Nkambule's Revelation Chapter 13 comment on 1/21/2021, 12:55am...

The most confusing issue here is the mark that is to be received. If you do not know what is the mark there is no way you can avoid taking it. But believing our Creator is righteous GOD He will not punish an ignorant person. It is written in Act 17 verse 30 - 31 where it says He winked at time of ignorance. To understand the mark of the beast we need to know the mark of our Creator and is found in Exod 31 Verse 17. Therefor if the mark of our Creator is a day I believe the mark of the beast is a day.

Let each one of us judge for ourselves if we are in faith as the scriptures say then we will be able to avoid the mark of the beast.

May our Creator YAH bless and keep us for His kingdom


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