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Peter's Revelation Chapter 13 comment about verse 16 on 6/21/2021, 8:03am...

false, The injection is the mark. The beast is a firefly used in the injection. Firefly is a beast of this earth and as a light bearer, in Latin is "Lucifer. So you have the mark and the name of the beast.


Richard in Christ's Revelation Chapter 13 comment on 6/02/2021, 10:04am...

part 2,

As I'm sure you know "hell" is just the English word that took over four "places". Sheol in Hebrew and in Greek Hades, Gehenna, and Tartarus(used only once as the place where the angels that sinned are chained reserved unto judgement). Then of coarse the lake of fire where Hades is said to be cast.

My feelings of me being a judge to others in the end. In Christ. Right now I see it as this. If God wanted me to judge others the first thing I would do is ask God how He wanted me to judge. If it were God's Will for me to forgive everyone I most certainly would do that. Or righteous judgement. To me righteous judgement is not just pardoning or forgiving everyone. It would be weighing that persons heart, soul, intents, everything in life etc. Them making a righteous judgement on their life. As in the Old and New Testaments it is stated everyone shall be judged or recompensed according to our deeds in this life.

All in all Gods Will shall be done. Weather I understand it or not. Also as my full trust is in the Lord and I know anything is possible with God. As His ways, thoughts, intent and glory are so far above us I really don't see anyone knowing exactly what shall be. Keep our faith and full trust in Him with a pure heart and He will guide us in love.

As I like to always bring up that the most important thing is us staying focused on Him. They ways of Jesus Christ our Lord whom is our Savior to eternal life with the Father.

All praise and glory be to Jesus Christ our Lord which permeates straight to our Holy Father. We are noting without Him.

Like stated even though we may have different views on certain things. That's ok. You are still my brother in the Lord forever and are a very special member in the body of Christ. We are to love one another. The only thing I hate is sin or evil. Not the person who commits it as we are all able to be saved by the blood of Christ. As we were all on the wrong path at some point in our lives.

God Bless.


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