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Marilyn T's John Chapter 5 comment about verse 43 on 6/10/2020, 7:48pm...

When I read the Scriptures, I ask God to show me what to read. Oh how I was blessed to know that we must come

to the Son ( Jesus ) to get to God ( our Father). I praise God that the man sitting at the pool didn't need help to get

into the pool for healing. He had the healer, Jesus right there. We do not need anyone to go to God on our behalf,

we can go directly for our self. Thankful that we are under Grace and not the Law. I love God, Jesus, and the Holy

Ghost. I try to keep my heart fixed with a good relationship with God so when I need Him , he knows who I am.


Chris's John Chapter 5 comment about verse 43 on 6/01/2020, 12:41am...

Mike, yes, it is very wrong to pray to the Virgin Mary - in fact she hasn't even been a virgin since the birth of Jesus, since she had many more children (Mt 12:46-50, 13:55,56 & others).

Jesus alone makes intercession for us (Rom 8:34) & His Spirit also intercedes on our behalf when we are unable to pray properly, maybe in ignorance (Rom 8:26). So the whole purpose of prayer, whether in praise & worship or in requesting from the Lord, is to direct our prayer to the Lord only without any other mediator (whether a priest, Mary or another Saint). To do that, means that we have no confidence that our prayers to God will be heard & so we need an intermediary between God & man. Our Intermediary can only & will only be Christ Jesus. To go to another means that we do despite to Christ's Holy & Blessd position with the Father.


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