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Richard H Priday's John Chapter 5 comment on 7/30/2022, 7:03am...

Verses 1 through 15 are on a mysterious matter; which I will leave other commentators to evaluate. The focus on verse 14 is where I am drawing attention to. Jesus isn't quoted as saying who He was; but the man who was healed was warned to go and sin no more. This assumes once again that Jesus is part of the Godhead; and ties into the rest of the chapter where once again the Pharisees go about a familiar theme of scolding Christ for healing on the Sabbath Day. It is interesting to note that whoever this angel was it certainly didn't stop those seeking a healing or those who did the "work" of taking the first person into the water to be healed. The plan of the Godhead; as to needing to honor the Son to honor the Father (v. 23) with the future resurrection covered from v. 24-29. After discussion of John in v. 36 he tells the audience that they don't know Him in v. 38. They will not come to Him (v. 40); nor have the love of God in them (v. 42). Antichrist is alluded to in v. 43 as to future worship; and Moses is said to accuse them; in v. 45 to 47. This reminds us of the story of Lazarus and the rich man in hell.

The interrelated theme shows that it is all or nothing. If we don't love Christ; we don't love the Father; or those preaching righteousness; or even the lawgivers of the O.T. We can't love the law as Psalm 119 states or have any part in fellowship with the living God. Inexorably; the plan of God; interaction with each member of the Godhead and salvation of any soul is according to a predetermined method because of God's sovereignty. May we cry out and ask God to help us with our unbelief (Mark 9:24)


Giannis's John Chapter 5 comment on 4/23/2022, 10:06am...

Dear Bernie

In those verses like V24 and V25 the hole Gospel is included. Pages can be written to explain what they mean. But in a few words those who hear and believe in Jesus' word that He was sent by Father God to sacrifice Himself for people to have eternal life, then those people will not be judged by God in the Final Judgement (because they believe in Him through Jesus and have their sins erased) and will not die spiritually (that is go to hell) but live eternally with God.

If smd has a better definition please post it.


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