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John Chapter 5


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Nas jones's John Chapter 5 comment on 1/04/2021, 8:33pm...

Thanks it explains the Pentecostal and prosperity gospel/ church And also the catholic and cofe church.


Chris's John Chapter 5 comment on 1/04/2021, 7:16pm...

Okay, in Jeremiah 10:9, we have a description of those given to idolatry & the extent the heathen go to to beautify their idols (maybe finding more merit by giving the idols extra honour). Such was their efforts to glorify their idols, that even their clothing was the finest ('blue & purple' - which the common man could never afford), as they worked meticulously in their wicked craft & were very skilful at it ("cunning men").

I don't believe we can equate the colour of their clothing to anything sinister today. Some of course wish to show off their outward appearance & wealth, but the purity of one's heart & holy lives are of greater worth in the sight of God.


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