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Kevin mack's Deuteronomy Chapter 7 comment on 9/14/2020, 9:08pm...

I would like it very much if God would bring Deuteronomy chapter 7 to pass again ,for the United States of America against all the Jesus haters who burn our country, use biological weapons (coronavirus - Bill Gates ), push LGBT rights against the church of Jesus Christ, refuse to repent, support defund the police, support communist democratic party BLM agenda, Muslim brotherhood, communist China, Iran, bohemian grove moloch the horned owl cannibals, illuminati, Freemason, pedophiles, crooked politicians, deep state, shadow government down to hell . Psalm 143 last verse. Most of all, need mass revival. I weep for God's intervention.


Veronica Ellis's Deuteronomy Chapter 7 comment about verse 21 on 5/07/2020, 5:45am...

The Lord our God is good, his name endures forever.

Veronica Ellis


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