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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 28 comment on 7/31/2023, 9:24am...

This chapter teaches the new generation of Israelites the sacrificial ordinances goven to Israel on Mt. Ainai. One difference I notice was that of pouring of strong wine on the animals sacrificed. Immediately it reminded me of the blood of Jesus poured out for the remission of sins. It is likely that these Israelites had grown up with these sacrifices being done daily by Aaron and now Eleazar.

But YHWH deemed it necessary for this generation to hear from Him through Moses comcerning these offerings/sacrifices again.

We, too, should remind ourselves of what Jesus said at the Last supper concerning the communion. We should be glad to participate in communion as often as we can. It seems in the early church that many met daily ro share this meal to commemorate Jesus' death and resurrection. And others who gathered on the Lord's Day-the first day of the week-for worship and communion. This can be found int he book of Acts.

It is too bad that many churches have relegated communion to a once a month or every other week occurrence. It is a solemn observation and as believers a cherished one.

The whole of Num. 28 reminds us of our sinfulness before God and how much we need a permanent once and for all sacrifice for sin that covers us all day every day. Jesus did this-sacrificing Himself once and for all, thus eliminating the ordinances of Nu. 28 because He is the One Sacrifice all of these daily, Sabbath, holy day sacrifices were a shadow of His all sufficient offering of Himself to the Father as an acceptable offering. The Father received the offerings of the Israelites if they were done in faith and in observance of all that He commanded of the priest to do for the people. Jesus not only is the one perfect sacrifice for us but also our perpetual High Priest who intercedes for us before the Father. Therefore there is no longer any need for the sacrifices

delineated in this chapter nor for the Aaronic priesthood or temple. Christ is the fulfillment of all these.


Smitty's Numbers Chapter 28 comment on 3/27/2022, 6:12am...

James Reese, you will find reference to The Day of Atonement in Leviticus 23:27 specifically.

That's why you don't see it here in Numbers.


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