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Chris's Isaiah Chapter 6 comment about verse 2 on 4/22/2020, 12:13am...

Yes Lynn, it should be "feet" in the descriptions of the Seraphims. Maybe, it was a typo that was not properly proof-read before going to print. Also, (and I know you've not asked this), be wary of translations that are not faithful to the original manuscripts. I'm not aware of the translation you mentioned, but we do know that many translations have altered words or even omitted words to suit their whims & fancies. You would be on the right path with the King James Version (translated from faithful manuscripts), though if reading it becomes difficult, then the New King James or New American Standard Bible are preferable to the others. As well, if you don't understand something you read and if you are a believer in Christ, then His Spirit will help you to understand. Also, you can write here & someone will guide you.


Lynn's Isaiah Chapter 6 comment about verse 2 on 4/21/2020, 2:25pm...

two for covering his feed,

Shouldn't it read "feet?"

( Isaiah 6:2 Basic English Bible Translation)


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