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Chris's Ruth Chapter 3 comment about verse 15 on 5/24/2020, 1:28am...

James, I just can't place my comment & your comment is not connected to a thread, so I just don't know the context that I wrote in. But I do agree with your comments that we have received much, much more through the Lord Jesus Christ.

You wrote: "Don't you think that David was granted salvation through that same Unique Son, as well as us?". Ultimately, Yes, but in biblical chronology, No. David, as all of Israel unto the coming of Christ, were subject to the obedience of God's Laws as declared to them which included the sacrificial system. They all would have been judged by the law & condemned for their disobedience to it (as they could never keep it). Thus in Scripture we get a glimpse of where the 'righteous dead & the unrighteous dead' go to prior to the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus (Lk 16:19 ff). Here we see that dead Abraham was already in Paradise (not Heaven), a great gulf between the 'righteous dead', & others who suffered in Hades. So, it must be assumed that if Abraham was there, then so was David & others the Lord deemed were righteous but unsaved through the Law. So how does one distinguish between the two?

In Heb 11, we get a glimpse of not only some of those who were deemed 'righteous' (e.g. Abel, Enoch, etc.), but that their 'waiting in Paradise' after their death was substantiated, not by their keeping of the Law, but by their faith in God to bring them through to Himself despite the Law's judgement against them (Heb 11:2, 13-16, 39, 40). Their faith served as a catalyst (a looking forward) to the full & proper payment for their sins, even though they were in ignorance to the perfect Sacrifice to come for them. So, when Christ rose from the grave, so all who died when once they lived in an active faith, were raised also to be justified through faith, as Jesus resurrection was for that purpose for them & to all who come in like faith now to Him. I realize that you're probably have this also in mind, but thought to share my understanding.


Mishael's Ruth Chapter 3 comment about verse 15 on 5/23/2020, 10:00pm...

There are people who have died and went to heaven and came back with testimonies. Called NDE's. (Near death experiences)

You can google it or go on YouTube. I've heard of some on the 700 Club's program.

Society tries to shout them down claiming that it's brain death responses.

The people testifying of it don't see it that way at all.

Also, remember that old movie, Flatliners, is just that: a movie built around a script someone wrote. Same thing for that movie: What Dreams May Come. Entertainment.

The Bible tells only one recorded testimony: the one about Jesus being crucified for our sins and being resurrected after 3 days!! Being physically witnessed by hundreds of people. There was no doubt that there was no body in his burial place.

If you know someone dying you need to get over there and lead them to believe on Jesus. Be brave. The Holy Spirit will enable you.


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