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Mishael's Psalms Chapter 14 comment on 8/14/2020, 11:37pm...

God bless you for sharing. I pray your testimony will help others who are in the Valley of Decision.


Rolando Martinez's Psalms Chapter 14 comment on 8/14/2020, 12:18pm...

Psalm 14 pertains to me because I have been that fool who says "there is no God". At 17 years old, while spouting my unbelief, I experienced the power of God's word (Hebrews4;12) when my classmate, Diane Garcia, showed me Romans 6;23 in her Bible. I read "the wages of sin is death" and that shut my mouth. I could say no more. From that moment until now, my life became a living testimony to the truth of those words. In the following years my life was like that of the prodigal son: a downward spiral. I ended up like the demoniac in Mark5;1-20: horrible depressions, violent temper (though cowardly), foul thoughts, (Read Romans 1;28 to 32).

Just as Jesus came to rescue the demoniac hiding in the tombs, Jesus rescued me. By then I was becoming suicidal but, one night, as I held a gun to my head I thought "then what?" and fear made me put the gun away. That's when I called on God, in ignorance because I did not understand the gospel, hoping against hope that there was a God because I had said for so long "bah, there is no God!" my soul was in total darkness. Hoping that He would help me. May this confession serve as testimony to the goodness of God because He saved me in spite of my blasphemes, the corruption that my life had become. I did not deserve God's mercy nor His salvation yet He began to heal my soul, to bring comfort to me. He brought Christians into my life who shared God's word which convicted me until I openly admitted "I am a sinner". I said that to Ron Norton when he asked if I was a Christian. He admitted that he was a sinner and showed me Ephesians 2;8,9 in his pocket bible. I finally understood: our salvation is a gift and not by our well doing because Jesus suffered the penalty for our sins at the cross.

Bless you Lord Jesus and may all who read this testimony be encouraged to trust in you!


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