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Rob's Acts Chapter 10 comment on 1/20/2021, 7:35pm...

Acts 10 . 38

Another trinity doctrine , proof of error .


Alex's Acts Chapter 10 comment on 10/17/2020, 8:36am...

Comments by Alex on y Jesus was water baptised,Everything had to be fulfiled in the law of Moses. Even the washing of the 2 turtle doves by running water,th Jordan was running water One of the doves had to be killed and his blood sprinkled on the living Dove symbolic of the CHURCH that was made clean by the blood of the sacrificial dove, ( CHRIST ) thats y the Dove descened on CHRIST he was our sacrificial DOVE, mankind has a spritual leprosy and that was the offering for leprosy. One dove had to die for the living bird then the living bird was set free whom the son sets free is free indeed.Husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church and gave his life for it ,jesus answers to the sacrificial dove THAT GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THE CHURCH. turtle doves imply lovers like CHRIST AND THE CHURCH ARE LOVERS. In song of Solomon the 2 lovers are CHRIST AND THE CHURCH BUT THEY REFER TO EACH OTHER AS HAVING DOVES EYES ( ONE DOVE HAD TO DIE FOR THE OTHER ) Christ and the CHURCH. Thats y the dove descened on Jesus marking him as our sacrificial dove . While the KING SITS AT HIS TABLE MY SPICKNARD SENDS FORTH A SWEET SMELL.Jesus was in the house of Simon the Leper when this was fulfilled,Thats when MARY broke the alabaster box giving the house a sweet smell,which answers to the lamb breaking the 7 seals of the book the new covenant,a birthing covenant, But for now we are all in the house of Simon the leper, Thats y he said you are made clean by the WORD i have spoken unto you,THE CONTENTS OF THE BOOK ( THE ALABASTER BOX ) thats y Jesus and the disciples had to be water baptised,it was prophetic that there was coming a greater baptism of the H.G. JOHN SAID HE MUST BE INCREASED AND I MUST BE DECREASED, WATER BAPTISM HAD TO DECREASE AND H.G. BAPTISM HAD TO INCREASE. John replied he that hath the bride is the bridegroom lovers as turtle doves are lovers ( Christ and the Church ) thus a Child wd be coming soon the H.G. the Child of Promise H.G. baptism on the day of Pentacost.


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