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Jesse A's John Chapter 3 comment on 5/20/2023, 11:44pm...


Thank you for your responses, and I hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day. Yes ma'am, I agree with you. We must hold fast to Gods truth and test all things spiritual and backed scripturally.

To answer your question, yes I did mean to send that message to you. As I myself , Did have an amazing and tremendously blessed experience . In which i was not worthy of. But through Gods ever abounding mercy , grace and infinite love he allowed me to experience it.

I try always to share my testimony, as I desire with all my heart that everyone know the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . And How much he really loves us.

I know with all my heart, mind ,body and spirit,

Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

I pray the lord bless you tremendously,

And keep up the good fight.

I love you all.


S Spencer's John Chapter 3 comment on 5/20/2023, 11:26pm...

Well Stated Brother Chris.

"His contact with His Father & His angels were separated only by position, not by relationship & possession."

God bless.


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