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Josephus's Psalms Chapter 30 comment on 4/09/2023, 1:38pm...

Amen "Tunney" it's refreshing to see and hear, true.love adoration and respect for God's WORD. His HOLY GHOST that is our earnest till the purchased possession. And note comfort and spirit of truth that will guide into all truth. For whatsoever he hears from Jesus Christ he speaks to us to hear. In turn we be obedient. Follow me Jesus said- thank you for seeing Jesus and hearing him. God blesd


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 30 comment on 10/22/2022, 4:22am...

In Psalm 30 we see a situation much like the story of Jonah chapter 2 where he was said to have descended to the lower parts of the earth and finally gave thanksgiving and was released in verse 9. I tend to hold with the minority position that he really died and went to Sheol taking a literal description of the passage. Here in Psalm 30; David clearly was near death either physically or in the state of constant pursuit by his enemies such as with Saul. Unlike Jonah; however there was dancing and praise that seemed to outlive the immediate time of this crisis.

(last 2 verses 11 and 12).

Verses 5 and 6 give us some clues as to David's attitude maintaining a proper perspective; he understood God's holiness (v 4) and the eternal perspective (v. 5). Verse 11 shows how David sought God with sackcloth; and recognized the strength and importance of God's favor (v. 7). This could have related to his experience after the sin with Bathsheeba and losing his son; or the time he foolishly took the census when Satan was allowed to tempt him.

These verses should lead us to seeking the Lord at all times; and not waiting until a life or death matter. If we are not of the faith; we need to seek Him while He can yet be found (Isaiah 55:6). He may not give us time at our deathbed if it happens in an instant to repent if we are a nonbeliever; and as a believer we forfeit our rewards in heaven if we are not putting Him first and dying to self daily. We should also study Job carefully and not make the error he did not being aware of Satan's schemes; but not blaming the enemy of our souls for all our problems as sin is the means of entry for him to work. Praising God in all circumstances is in order; and in the flesh many times we don't feel like it. We need to be emptied of ourselves and consider His attributes as all other things in life are temporal and fleeting as verse 5 shows.


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