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Chris's Jeremiah Chapter 20 comment about verse 11 on 11/07/2020, 11:56pm...

We're not told why Hannah was barren; she may have been as many women in the world are in all ages. Yet, we do know that God does have a purpose in our lives & for our lives. What we might consider an impediment or a disadvantage that we have that others don't have, may well have a reason behind it, for that which we are not privy to. And especially as we give ourselves fully to the Lord for what we are & all that lies ahead in our lives, then we know that all that comes to us is known of the Lord & allowed for a reason.

In hindsight, we could then say that Hannah had to be brought to the place where her grief was so great (v10), that she had to be cast upon the Lord for help. And at that time, in the Lord's Plans for her & Israel, that grief, that pleading, that vow to the Lord, would be the catalyst that would put the Plans of God into the next phase, that of giving Hannah's body the ability to form an embryo. And true to her vow to the Lord, young Samuel was dedicated into the Lord's service. What if Hannah didn't vow to do this? Or she just continually wept over her predicament & led a miserable life with Elkanah? God could have still raised up a prophet to fulfil His Plans, as we see in the account of Esther (Esther chapter 4): that if Esther didn't approach King Ahasuerus about the great plight of the Jews, then God would give them deliverance "from another place" even though Esther would have suffered for her refusal. I somehow see a similarity to what would have been Hannah's fate of miserableness had she not performed that which the Lord put on her heart.


Paul Raj's Jeremiah Chapter 20 comment about verse 11 on 11/07/2020, 1:37pm...


I have a question.

Why God closed Hannah's womb?( 1Samuel 1:5,6)



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