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Mohel Castorena's Ezekiel Chapter 21 comment about verse 27 on 3/23/2021, 3:41pm...

The main word used 3 times is

that is to say a ruin (A Destruction)

Our temple is to be distroyed 3 times

Then He King Messiah Ben David Yeshua (Jesus)

will receive his place

Psalms 110:1


Paula roberts's Ezekiel Chapter 21 comment on 1/03/2021, 4:44am...

Overturn overturn overturn and will overturn no more .. This is refering to the mistery stone that was overturnd 3 times in its travels from israel to irland to scotland to england. The scots stole the stone from under the coronation seat of Queen elizabeth before she could be crowned upon it and replaced it with a fake . If it had not been stolen it would have been overturned again when queen Elizabeth was crowned, England returned the stone to scotland (fake stone) to get more votes for thatcher , Today the stone ( fake stone ) is on display in scotland , The real hidden stone is also in scotland and awaits the King whos right it is . The stone was Jacobs pillow and travelled with the arc all the way to ireland where the arc containing the tablets moses brought down from the mountain was hidden this is where the stone and the arc became seperated . He who is the righfull king will replace the house of windsor! We await you o lord Amen


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