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CAROLE HANKAL's Numbers Chapter 12 comment on 5/15/2022, 8:45pm...

That is a brilliant and understandable explanation.

Thank you for enlightening me on a controversial topic. Makes perfect sense when viewed beyond the surface.


Richard H Priday's Numbers Chapter 12 comment on 5/15/2022, 6:13pm...

The serpent on the pole; which indeed with the medical institution represents healing and is also tied in with occult practice is on a surface level appearing to indeed represent this. It foreshadowed Christ; who was to become a curse for us (as anyone hung on a tree was considered accursed; and because He took on the wrath of God for our sake). It was also not established to worship the imagery; but to be looked upon. It could possibly be compared in some way to the Cherubim placed in the Temple; angels or any image was never to be worshipped; but it was a representation of the way angels faced God in heaven. It was also in a broad sense for anyone who was to look upon it; which is unlike a coveted object that individuals would be seduced with. It was not harboring anything that was pleasant to look upon and therefore it would seem the intent was to help people realize that their own hearts were also filled with abominations and vile things. It brings to mind somewhat the fatal wound (head wound) of the serpent mentioned in Gen. 3:15. Perhaps in some sense it reminds us that we have to be "crucified with Christ"-in any event; since He was said to take our infirmities on Himself as Isaiah predicted; that alleviated the plague at the time.


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