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Chris's Psalms Chapter 150 comment on 10/29/2020, 5:00am...

That was a lovely testimony Alexis of how the Lord had been dealing with you, saved you & healed you. Even when Satan brings you doubts & fears, always remember how the Lord has been with you & give God praise in all things you face. Read your Bible often & talk to your Lord regularly.

Since you answered the altar call at Church, your pastor is well aware of what you've done in coming to the Lord. You should talk to him about water baptism as an act of public & private identification with your Saviour. Baptism is most meaningful & precious when done very soon after being born again by God's Spirit & you use that special event to also witness against the evil one that you are now God's child whenever he tries to create doubt in you.

So thank you for sharing that part of your life & may the blessings of the Lord follow you & strengthen you each day.


Alexis Young's Psalms Chapter 150 comment on 10/29/2020, 12:04am...

for a very very long time i wanted to be saved i told my stepmom she said "the way u been acting u cant be saved" well every timeat church they woulhave altar call and dats where if u wanna be saved go up there well u feel a lil push like go up there lexi 4 me in my mind of course i was to scared. one day my stepmom told me i wanna get saved lets go up there togetherdat sunday night service we went up there and i got saved i felt best ive ever felt be4 now dat friday u know about brain surgery well while i was in the hospital i felt Gods hand over me, i known everything gonna be ok while every1 around me was freaking out well my dad said most christiantake a while to change but 4 me it was likea light i changed. and ever since the day I got saved God is my go to i love him with allmy heart i wasn'teven supposedto be able to walk, talk or move im supposeto be dead! But I came out of that surgery better then ever! God is real satan wanted to bring me down by having me have thoughts im gonna die but in few sec ik God was with me. Stop loving or worshiping someone who dont care for you. God id herehes here every sec of ur life.!!!! mever ever doubt God!


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