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Michael homan's Proverbs Chapter 26 comment on 5/15/2021, 9:17pm...

In reflection to v4/5,to answer/react to foolish folly or when not.a similar parallel is not answering a scam puter/phone call

once a person does they can and will become a part of it.

The d/f knows this and alot of beleiver's don't. It all comes from that source

Then theres a foolish folly that can be addressed for the sake of righteousness

by the guide lines in this book

God is with those that Love him n will show discernment on what to do


Rick Colombe's Proverbs Chapter 26 comment on 4/20/2021, 4:21am...

Hi Carlton. Yes.....!!! Our God reigns always. What I stated was merely pointing out that we have a President and an administration that are corrupt, and have evil intentions that will destroy this nation, if left unchecked. Thanks!


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