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Deborah Piret's 1 Samuel Chapter 3 comment about verse 10 on 2/14/2021, 7:10am...

I sensed in my spirit the Lord revealing a couple of scriptures to me and I looked these up

I have been saved and filled with his Sweet Holy Spirit a pretty long time. I was taught to

spend time in the Word of God and pray. We had memory verses in Sunday School and I

got to memorize quite a bit of scripture; I did not seem to enjoy the Word of God as much

as a 12 year old as I did when I got older & really gave my life to the Lord completely. When

I finally gave the Lord 1st place in my life that is when the Word of God became very alive

to me. When I was not committed to the Lord it was at 1st hard for me to read it. Very early

this morning the Spirit of God/LOVE Ministered to me/I Love The Lord/& THE WORD


Chris's 1 Samuel Chapter 3 comment about verse 18 on 1/07/2021, 5:03am...

Eli seemed to have been a worthy priest in his day but found lacking in his fatherly duties & responsibilities. His feeble checking of his sons' misbehaviour didn't carry through to a stronger discipline or removal from their positions. Maybe Eli didn't have the proper parental fortitude to stand up to his sons' evil ways, or he might have been forced to overlook the matter for the sake of having 'ministering priests' available, there being no one else.

And we can see this type of thing happening when there isn't proper discipline taken in the home or the Church. For some, their elevated position & almost spiritual infallibility seem to give them licence to what they please & there being none strong enough to warn them or deal with them. Or take the example of a pastor or missionary who is so heavily involved in ministry, demanding almost all his time & energies, yet neglecting the spiritual & emotional welfare of his own family. How often we hear of these children, who ought to be wonderful examples of the Lord's servants, but having left the Church & leading lives of sinful abandon. The Lord's Work begins first in the home, the proving ground for higher service; 1 Timothy 3:4,5.


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