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Matthew Chapter 14


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Mamie's Matthew Chapter 14 comment on 6/30/2021, 3:02pm...

.Who was the multitude that Jesus sent away in Matthew chapter 14 verse 23


S Spencer's Matthew Chapter 14 comment on 6/26/2021, 4:33pm...

Hi Sarah.

I see a Peter in all of us, We will fall apart in our long suit when times get tough. Peter thought he had enough in himself to love and worship the Lord for ministry but he failed "like all of us"

When the Holyspirit come, not only was he bold and equipped for the ministry but he was given the ability to love and die for the Lord.

As for the skeptics, If they deny the scripture convincing them of anything is impossible, However we stick with what's in scripture, All of them!!!

God bless


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