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Dennie tumlin's Matthew Chapter 14 comment on 2/18/2021, 6:49pm...

Chris, Thank you so much but Isaid why not look it up, same thing but, thank you so much!


Chris's Matthew Chapter 14 comment on 2/17/2021, 9:59pm...

When someone languishes, it means that he becomes so weak or feeble in strength that if he happens to be bed-ridden he only grows worse because it & the prolonged inactivity. But David proclaims that even in that pitiful condition, the Lord will give him the necessary strength & bring him to full health.

And this David spoke as applying to the person who "considers the poor". So this person is indeed blessed of the Lord, as he places the unfortunate & struggling person before himself. We could even see how the Lord reached out to us, both poor & languishing in spiritual darkness, but a Saviour came by for us, not regarding his Own Life but for those who needed help & salvation from the pit of sin & hell.


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