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U4YAH's Psalms Chapter 82 comment on 2/11/2023, 11:58am...

Very good. You have found out that this is the judgment of those who followed a different WAY that is not the way of the most high of all gods.

Yes. The context reveals the intent and the identity of whom this judgment is about.

Before reading this any further, I request that anyone reading this would ask in the name of Jahshua for his God, Jah, To send these two female spirits that were with him from the beginning fo righteous discernment; to try the spirits for a revelation of truth, by praying for knowledge.

[ "Lack of knowledge is killing my people." (Hosea) Call Wisdom your sister and Understanding your kinswoman [ " I was his daily delight in the beginning" ])

Context with meditation is the key In this Psalm for knowledge.

God/Jah is there with the Angels and he is judging them.

In Hebrew the Angels are defined as: "mighty ones": in scripture Jah is the mighty of David. & etc...

These gods/angels/mighty have become Apostate/Rouge against Jah.

Unlike the faithful Angels/mighty ones, they became worshiped by the people called Heathens/Pagans/Gentiles.

We are also clued in that these are Angels by a verse later on that these eternal beings shall die the same as man, who lost his eternal life by the eating of the forbidden fruit in his garden of Paradise on Earth, to the"East of" Eden.

They are worshiped by men and have another WAY/Religion which pleases their god/Angel. Their doctrines are in error of the WAY of Jah.

In his judgment of them, Jah presents evidence of his WAY, THAT IS NOT part of their judgment & doctrines of their way;

To defend the poor and fatherless.

Do justice to the afflicted and needy.

(To) rid out of the hand of the wicked.

They walk in darkness because their way is in error causing the entire society(world) of the Earth's foundation of the way of Jah to go a different direction than Jah intended for mankind, that will cause Jah to judge the Earth.

Jah is speaking to the Angels, their father Jah created them, they are his children


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 82 comment on 2/10/2023, 1:27pm...

Psalm 82 "Ye are gods" (v. 6).

There is a notion these days that states that the Bible call us "little gods" and this Psalm is their evidence for that assumption.

The scriptures use this term to describe those judges or teachers of the law who were learned in the Torah but as this chapter points out judged for hypocricy.

Verse 3 shows a theme which is echoed in 1 Tim. 5 starting in verse 3; as well as James 1:27 which also refers to widows and orphans as to the definition of "true religion."

Verse 6 seems to suggest that these are all children of God; of the Most High. However; the context of most of this Psalm seems to suggest partiality to the wicked and therefore going against God's ordinances. This was a type of Pharasitical behavior that characterized those who would not escape the damnation of hell as quoted in Matthew 23:33. In one sense; of course all those in Israel of noble lineage could follow their family tree to prove that they were sons of Abraham. But again; not all were true children (Romans 9:7). In one sense we were all created in God's image; more precisely now in the image of Adam. We were all put in the book of the living (Psalm 69:28). That is different from the Book of Life; clearly. Perhaps the meaning remains ambiguous; the nation of Israel were chosen as a whole but only a remnant truly believed.

The Psalm is generally a call for men to be wise judges; but also ends with God being implored to act (verse 8). In any event every knee will bow someday to God and to His Christ (as quoted in Philippians AND Romans but also from God being represented in Isaiah 45:23).

God also allows wicked judgments to accomplish His purposes in the end; refining His people for instance.


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