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Goodgraft's Psalms Chapter 82 comment on 7/30/2023, 10:33pm...

"So I'd say "watchers" fell before Eden"

I see no reason to dispute that.

Whenever it was that they rebelled against The Most High, it seems that they are still on the job of deceiving the nations.

Please come quickly Lord Jesus! And soon!


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 82 comment on 7/29/2023, 6:49am...

There is no doubt that God has allowed fallen angels to rule over nations as the book of Daniel makes clear regarding Persia and Greece specifically; with the angel Michael.

My question specifically would be WHEN these angels fell. The story of the watchers is in extrabiblical literature. I would tend more to think that they were part of the spiritual order and society that existed sometime AFTER Lucifer fell and took the angels with him; which clearly happened BEFORE Adam fell after the serpent incident in Genesis. The period between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 where the ORIGINAL creation occurred and then in verse 2 it was void and in a chaotic state probably was when there was an original flood or disaster in the earth because of the trade with violence; etc mentioned in Ezekiel 28.

Satan himself has been given the role as a usurper; temporarily squatting as it were on territory that originally was to be under God's total rule and delegated to man in the garden to take care of. Apparently it is in the Divine plan to allow him and his henchmen to control nations and regions concurrently and to ultimately bring about the Messiah and end in Armageddon where the appointed time and judgment occurs.

As for reasoning here it is likely to test men; to see if they will follow their own judgments and imaginations and continue therefore in spiritual blindness or believe through a supernatural move of the Spirit the Gospel truth which is revealed only to those predetermined in His plan (Deut 29:29). Overcoming therefore is the flesh; world and the Devil; all three are conquered through Christ's atonement. Some things in the interim before Christ comes back are delegated to the church in this time period and to those of faith previous to that and in the Tribulation. Prayer is a major key in holding back evil and the Lord temporarily holds back judgment until the fullness of times; as Romans states regarding the Gentiles.

So I'd say "watchers" fell before Eden


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