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SeekTruthnotchurchleaders's Psalms Chapter 82 comment about verse 6 on 10/28/2020, 6:28pm...

CLEARLY we must take scripture at its word,not what your pasture tells you it says. Not what your dad and uncle think it says.Scripture defines Scripture, hence try reading this passage as to people it was written to. It was written to ISRAELITE S OF THE 12 TRIBES during the time before the CHRIST would come. NOT written to 21 century people, yes it is written for our benefit and our admiration. It was not written to you meanwhile it was written for you. READ THIS IN A HEBREW TRANSLATION next to your favorite version of scripture. DO A HEBREW WORD STUDY AND YOU WILL SEE THIS IN NEW LIGHT! THE MOST HIGH ( CREATED other supernatural beings like him) is sitting on his throne with heavenly council around him. THE OLD TESTAMENT CLEARLY SAYS prior in scripture like GEN 6.1-5 THAT SONS OF GOD were supernatural beings ( SPIRITS LIKE GOD) but they were gods because the FATHER HAD SONS before humans and a family of beings he created before humans....look up the hebrew word for gods ( elohim) the same translation for a god. Ancient men and woman thought different then you and me . JEWS new thier were other gods they saw them worshiped all around them on every border. THIERS ONE CREATOR GOD, who created everything, even other gods.JESUS IS THAT


Chris's Psalms Chapter 82 comment on 8/31/2020, 4:48pm...

Psalm 82 seems very plain to understand. Who are the "mighty" & who are the "gods" (v 1)?

The answer is clearly given in the succeeding verses: they are the unjust judges, who as 'gods', have been given the authority to administer justice as the One & Holy God does. But these 'gods' will "shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes." (v 7) because of their wickedness in administering justice.

What are you seeing here?


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