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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 54 comment on 11/29/2022, 7:53pm...

Psalm 54

Verse 1 apparently is about a place where David was hiding out and those who gave news to Saul who were living in that area. The "strangers and oppressors" were apparently godless people that added to David's misery by giving Saul fresh ammunition to go after him in hiding.

As with many other Psalms; David emphasizes God is His helper and perhaps those that "uphold his soul" could be angels of protection. Verses 5 and 7 show David's confidence that these enemies will be "cut off" since he had apparently seen that before.

Finally; verse 6 talks about praise and "freely sacrificing" to God. That would be as Psalm 51 indicates with a broken and contrite heart; as David wasn't qualified as king to do sacrifices except when he was commanded to on the threshing floor after the angel of destruction appeared there. That was apparently the site of the original Temple; but the Priests would normally be responsible for sacrifices. That would appear to be at a later date from this Psalm and others when Saul was no longer a threat and David was on the Throne.


BSP's Psalms Chapter 54 comment on 12/31/2020, 7:40am...

Verse 6-Jehovah God is the epitome of good and everything that He requires of us is good.


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