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GiGi's Psalms Chapter 52 comment on 11/24/2022, 1:31pm...

Hello Richard, Happy Thanksgiving!

My thought about what you wrote about David soothing Saul with his harp. I don't think it was just David's good nor the choice of music he played. I think that God did something supernatural in these musical sessions with David for Saul. The relief Saul got surely contributed to Saul's love for David. So, Saul was probably conflicted in this relationship. I think that God working through David's music contributed to this conflict within Saul. But Saul was not very repentant nor spiritual in regards to being Godward.

But God kept working on Saul through David over and over again. How wonderful that God pursues those who are fitting themselves to become vessels of God's wrath (Romans 9). Despite God's lovingkindness, provision, patience, and long suffering towards those He knows will not turn to Hm in repentance, many fit themselves to become vessels of wrath by their choice, not God's, in my understanding of Romans 9. He allows people to harden themselves against His good and merciful working the lives of these people, but alas, they continue in rebellion until death takes them and then they are set for receiving God's wrath forever in the lake of fire.

But those that are saved are those that God fits to become objects of His mercy and grace. He softens us more and more as we respond to His work in us and we are sanctified more and more to become like Jesus. Then comes death and we are receivers of His eternal mercy and grace. Amazing that so many refuse Him after his persistent pursuit of us.


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 52 comment on 11/24/2022, 10:05am...

This Psalm was written after Doeg betrayed David's appearance to Saul; and then he carried out the murder of 85 priests of the Lord as well as destroying the population of the city of Nob where David apparently had established previously.

Verse 9 at the end of this Psalm certainly is an understatement. David had to patiently endure TWENTY ONE attempts at assassination by Saul; oftentimes with a javelin tossed his way and with various periods of time when he had to hide in caves and demonstrated his own restraint and love for the king by preserving Saul's life. This whole period was punctuated by Saul's insane love hate relationship with David; his ego and being tormented by demonic spirits that only David's harp would temporarily restrain for relief.

Verse 6 takes things a step beyond God laughing at the calamity of the wicked found in Psalm 2 and elsewhere. It specifically mentions the righteous laughing at them but also seeing and fearing. This type of "impreccatory" Psalm (although in this case not directly praying for God's judgment on the wicked but declaring it) is something not readily accepted today as one of God's attributes; let alone something the Saints should think about. Phillippians 1:29 discusses our behavior and not fearing the wicked as something that in turn is a "token" of their perdition. Such warnings; even our confidence in being victorious over evil should strike fear in some and cause them to repent. Satan himself knows his days are numbered. We should instruct with lovingkindness but also the Holy Spirit should be convicting of "sin, righteousness and judgment to come." (John 16:8).


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