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Deuteronomy Chapter 29


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Jordin Coca's Deuteronomy Chapter 29 comment on 7/01/2020, 9:19pm...

I am a love to this.


Mishael's Deuteronomy Chapter 29 comment on 7/01/2020, 2:09am...

I just do not think Jesus Christ wants the Bride of Christ to go through the Tribulation. He told us to have our Lamps filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit. Be listening for the Bridegrooms shout and the Trump.

Later after the Marriage Supper we will ride with Jesus on white horses. I'm looking forward to everything! I am positive Jesus will have things we can do and will want to do.

The tribulation is about pain and suffering; trying to survive; have enough food and water; staying away from mobs armed with guns taking away from people anything they want. If they don't take the Mark of the beast; their money is going to run out quick.

There's nothing wrong with going with Jesus. "Choose Life so that you and your family may live."


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