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Richard H Priday's Deuteronomy Chapter 29 comment on 3/12/2022, 5:35am...

This chapter contains a rather well quoted verse in the last verse 29 about the hidden things of the Lord. The rest of the verse is revealing; as the warnings of the entire chapter are clear.

we see prophetic overtones here of verses such as found in Isaiah 66 about those who are viewed in the pit of hell on the earth in the future. The mention of brimstone and burning in verse 23 shows an opening to hell as well; following destruction in the same way as Sodom and Gomorrah. This should make CLEAR to all those detractors who claim there is no mention of hell in the O.T. that it is simply not a true statement.

The REASONING here is quite revealing. The attitude of verse 19; namely blessing and assuring peace in the corrupt heart and soul of man that they can secretly harbor abominations as a result of the previous verse going after other gods surely is a sober warning to those today who are clearly having demonic manifestations while attributing it to the "Holy Spirit".

Earlier verses indicate that the covenant was made similar to the first; and involving those present and others as well in Moab. They were reminded of a summary of the 40 years in exile; relief from Egypt and its foreign gods (v. 2; 16-17) as well as their recent victory over Og and Sihon; beginning to give a few tribes initial lands of conquest for their inheritance. The blessings and cursings mentioned in previous chapters of Deuteronomy are once again repeated; this time going straight to the end result of final judgment.

This should cause us to pause whenever we take the "New Covenant" i.e. "accepting Christ" seriously. It is HIS covenant with our souls; having paid the redemption price to enable us to be adopted into the beloved. Should we enter in; it is on HIS terms; not negotiable and/or with a god of our own imagination. Dying to self; thankfully is made possible; but we m ust make sure that we are honest about counting the cost involved to be a faithful disciple.


Mart Marie's Deuteronomy Chapter 29 comment on 12/18/2020, 11:49am...

God is good


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