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Number Chapter 5 continued

The woman who is guilty of adultery may become infertile from then on, not because the bitter water would make her so, but because God brings this on her as a judgement for her sin. The symptoms are from God, revealing her sin to the priest and to her husband, since there is no witness to the adultery, having been kept a secret between the woman and the man she committed adultery with. The lack of symptoms will show that the woman did not sin against her husband and that his jealousy is unwarranted. They are then free to continue in their marriage with the jealousy atoned for. The woman will be able to bear children as would be normal in marriage.

This section does not deal with the man who committed adultery. I don't know why, but this chapter shows the procedure to be followed if a man suspects his wife of committing adultery. Perhaps there would be another place in Scripture that would speak about what a wife would do if she suspects her husband of committing adultery.

This section lets us know how God values fidelity in marriage. He ordained it from the beginning with Adam and Eve. And Jesus confirms the importance of marital fidelity in Matt. 5; Mk 10; and Lk 16.


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Numbers chapter 5

This chapter has several sections:

What to do with those who have become unclean from diseases such as leprosy or an issue of blood or issue from a skin disease, from touching one who is dead. These people are to camp outside of the whole camp of Israelites until they are determined to be clean by the priest and the Law God gave concerning such uncleanness.

Section two speaks about what men and women are to do when they commit a sin. They are to confess their sin, either to God, to the one they offended, or to the priest. They are to recompense their trespass by an increase of one-fifth the worth of the damage of the trespass. If the person offended against is not alive or has a kinsmen, then the recompense is to be made to the LORD through the priest.

Section three speaks of voluntary offerings made by the people. Whatever thingof value a person wishes to offer to the Lord shall be given to the priest and the priest will now possess it.

The other section speaks about what is to be done when a husband suspects his wife of committing adultery, even though their is no concrete proof. He is to bring to the priest a jealousy offering to the priest along with his wife. The priest is to burn some of the jealousy offering on the altar. The priest will bring the wife before the LORD and she shall drink the potion that the priest creates from holy water and dust from the floor of the tabernacle. Then the priest will charge the woman with the accusation of adultery and she will drink the bitter water prepared. If she is guilty, her belly shall swell and thighs rot. If not guilty she will be unaffected by the bitter water and will continue to be able to bear children.

It seems that if the woman is guilty, she will have some sort of infection in her bowels or uterus that will cause he great discomfort and cause her to have a foul issue, either from her bowel or from her uterus. This is may be some sort of disease that prevents the pregnancy....cont.


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