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GiGi's John Chapter 10 comment on 11/21/2021, 2:03pm...

Yes, most people were not literate, too. Before the King James Bible was translated, Martin Luther translated the Bible in the common language of German people. (In the 1500's) He wanted everyone to be able to read the Word for themselves to test and see if what was being taught aligned with Scripture. So, God raised up people in that time period to be able to translate Scripture, but also caused the printing press to be invented so that writings could be efficiently printed in masse.

Such a good, good God.


Mishael's John Chapter 10 comment on 11/21/2021, 5:05am...

This is my skinny explanation.

For a long time the Bible was in languages common ordinary people couldn't read. Priests taught the people. The people had no way of knowing if it was truth or heresy.

People were burned at stake for being caught with just one page of the Bible. They tore the pages out of the Bible and shared them.

It's a sad story. King James of London set out to see the Bible was translated into English do everybody could read it. The Gospel began to spread everywhere after that.


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