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Adam's John Chapter 10 comment about verse 36 on 10/30/2020, 12:17pm...

Hi Mike,

The 1611 KJV is literally from 1611 A.D. the very first printing of it and it shows the actual scans of it, so you can compare and figure out anything that has changed. Of course the meaning hasn't changed, but the English language has actually changed a lot in 400 years, so it the KJV was adjusted to match the current language.


You can do a parallel view of each chapter to see the differences:



Mike's John Chapter 10 comment about verse 36 on 10/30/2020, 12:00pm...

Thank you again for your reply, you said you have every page photographed. I am having trouble finding these page photos. I found images of the bible but how do I look up 1st peter kjv page photos for and example?


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