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Richard H Priday's John Chapter 10 comment on 11/22/2023, 8:13pm...

The crux of the matter is that REAL miracles as well as Godly living in Christ Jesus WILL result in persecution and suffering. Such are scriptural concepts (2 Timothy 3:12 and other passages). The religious spirit of the Pharisees I am sure still is in operation and thus; hatred will result in true miracles as well as true salvation messages involving repentance and calling sin for what it is.

This would include preaching against ALL sin; including pride and hypocricy of individuals and society at large.

The threat against all of Satan's carefully networked aspects of society are many. Those who proclaim Christ are an economic threat; so a genuine conversion that starts to affect this system will bring imprisonment; no doubt. We see this now with the Pro Life movement; and indeed anything that gains any momentum attempting to restore traditional values. This is by no means unique to one particular political party or members of the establishment. There is economic gain to wars; like it or not by powers that be; just as there is influence by caving into popular concepts today where businesses are willing to forego economic sanity to position themselves with the world as others pull the strings.

We present Christ today; sadly often as a God of our imagination. We may have a vacuum that only God can fill but some never will seek it; and we are ALL enemies of God before salvation. Bringing the church down to the world to fill pews is backwards; we should challenge those who would follow Christ with the requirements of being a disciple and warnings of dangers of falling away for those who would glibly make a confession without counting the cost. Looking at Christ makes it clear; with the exception of the 12 Disciples He never actively sought others; but would often weed out those not willing to forsake all for Him. He had no place to lay His head; let alone a fancy building to preach in. The Son of Man came not to be served (Mark 10:45)


Chipo's John Chapter 10 comment on 11/22/2023, 4:15pm...

A recurring theme in Jesus' conversations with His critics is that they are being willfully obstinate. Jesus' life and teachings align perfectly with the Scriptures these men know all too well-but they actively refuse to accept Him (John 5:39-40). An intent to disbelieve, not a lack of knowledge, is their main problem (John 7:17). Others have seen Jesus' miracles, and properly interpreted them as signs that He is divinely empowered (John 3:1-2; 10:21). The men who threaten Him now, however, have proven they're opposed to God (John 10:1-6) by crediting Jesus' miracles to Satan (Mark 3:22).

Jesus will continue to answer in the next verse by reiterating the first of His three shepherding-related analogies from this chapter. This puts His answer in plain terms: I already told you who I was, but you're not going to listen.


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