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Agness Remon's Ezekiel Chapter 16 comment on 10/15/2021, 5:26am...

I would really enjoy a commentary. .I enjoy reading God word. But I am lost reading Ezekiel.


Ron's Ezekiel Chapter 16 comment on 5/07/2021, 11:33am...

Sherry Talley, short summation, Ezekiel 16 is a chapter that God was dealing with Israel and her abominations. It covers from their beginning, their ups and downs and God took pity on them. It covers how God picked them up and blessed and multiplied Israel making them rich and a nation. It covers how deep into pagan worship with idolatry, human sacrifice, and practicing ritual prostitution they had gone. Judgment was given against Jerusalem and ending with remembering the covenant.

Your question about praying for drying blood. Many not from the southern states, mainly the hill country may not have heard of this. Some people are said to have the gift of healing, that is for each individual to believe or not. One prays for healing using different bible verses, a verse from Ezekiel 16 is used for healing humans or animals that has bleeding that can not be stopped, to stop the bleeding. This goes back to the early settling of the states and things brought over from the old country, and probably still being used. It is controversial and some say mystical so if you have a congregation you attend, ask your pastor.

God bless, Ron


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