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Lorraine Magarian's Judges Chapter 19 comment on 1/20/2022, 9:43am...


Thanks for your reply to my comment. Enjoy your day!


GiGi's Judges Chapter 19 comment on 1/20/2022, 9:38am...

Yes, in our times, in our culture, this treatment of women made in God's image is concerning to us. In ancient cultures, women, slaves, and servants were no considered equal to the adult males that had authority over them. Jews considered Gentiles unclean, common, and less human than themselves. I do not know how these practices of treating women as second class came to be common, but perhaps it was a result of the many wars that killed many men. So, there may have been more women than men and to spare the women from being destitute, without land or children, men took multiple wives and then began to use female slaves as concubines.

So, yes, Jesus was a liberator-of women, slaves, servants. But really, He is the liberator of everyone dead in sin,


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