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Daniel Chapter 11


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T. Levis's Daniel Chapter 11 comment about verse 35 on 9/03/2020, 8:03pm...

Hebrew word translated to sound like (lah-vahn) ; ...To make pure, spotless


Ann's Daniel Chapter 11 comment about verse 35 on 9/02/2020, 6:14pm...


JOHN 8:57-58

"Then said the Jews unto him, Thou Art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham Jesus said unto them verily verily I say unto you before Abraham was I am.

IF YOU ARE A believer In God, he will show you the Way. HE is faithful.

ALL THROUGH Gods Word we are told of Our Lord. Even Moses spoke of Him.

Do not allow human emotions to block out Gods Promise to you, of the Messiah, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour.

Ask The Great I Am, you will be given the answer.


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