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Suziq's 1 Chronicles Chapter 9 comment on 5/24/2021, 1:34am...

Hello Adam ,maybe you didnt read my earlier post ,in our congregation we have collections to cover our building cost ,also to donate to charities and to put in a welfare fund for members who might find themselves in difficulties ,we dont have any full time staff ,whatever needs doing we all pitch in as best as we can .We have a free coffee morning on a Saturday where any one can come ,we provide refreshments ,just coffe and cakes and biscuits ,we dont charge any one for these ,we provide them . We behave as a family ,we all help each other out as best we can . The place where we have our services is a building we own ,its small and simple so it doesnt cost a lot to keep it up ,keep it simple keep it inexpensive .


Adam's 1 Chronicles Chapter 9 comment on 5/23/2021, 4:56pm...

Ok, maybe you think it's ok to do 'things' for people in ministry, but don't give them money. Money is no different than the things. Just a temporary I owe you note to make it more convenient to convert into things.

There's a false idea that people feel entitled to stuff for free and I'm against that. Because basically they're demanding others to serve them and serve their needs for free and that's wrong, because its a form of oppression and slavery.

The reality is nothing is a free. If you want to go to church for free and not pay anything, that's great, but as far as I'm concerned you're not doing your part, because churches aren't free- land costs money, building, taxes, insurance, water, sewer, safety measures. It's very expensive. So is renting people- people shouldn't serve you for free if full time unless they insist. I think it's wrong to demand such things of others. Church shouldn't be commercialized like a market or a bank- that's what Jesus turned tables for. But Jesus didn't say to cheat and not pay the landlord rent, or to not pay taxes, or to only have a low % pay for everything and that all the rest act as leeches and don't contribute. You live in a reality where food, shelter, clothing costs money and church and full time staff costs too and it should. It all makes sense when one day people act entitled to your labor and ask the same of you in return for free. God bless.


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