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Gods Master Plan for Mankind's Proverbs Chapter 1 comment on 5/29/2022, 4:24pm...

Why not accept what is written in Genesis 1and 2?

He chose soil and moulded Adam into the form all people would be. Since we have the elements within us now: of unique chromosomes and DNA, all of that would pass into future people born. God breathed life into Adams nostrils, the breath of LIFE. Adam was completed. A living, breathing HUMAN being.

God Made Eve from just one of Adams ribs. She had the identical components in her body; plus the capability to bear children. A womb and breasts to feed her children.

We do not know what color Adam and Eve were. Scientists cannot figure it out either. DNA and chromosomes are still mysterious to them. It's still a science not explained. A white woman can be implanted with donated sperm, and give birth to a black (or other colors) child. That's why they separate sperm now, and store it according to the fathers color.

The old days restrictions (by families) of people intermarrying with people of different color, has been abolished. So we currently see what some people call " mixed race families.

All of this is from Gods permissive Will for mankind. It was of man to separate us, and try to restrict inter- marriage.

Restrictions God put upon the Jewish people, is that they marry other Jews. But people will be people, fall in love with other races and religions. The restriction imposed is that the children will be raised as Jewish.

Myself, I'm what one would call a Gentile. Non-Jewish. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and was baptized at 12. I will end this there. I hope you can accept how God made this world and the people he put on it. Be at peace. May we do as God spoke into us: be fruitful and multiply.

This world will end because God made a blood covenant with Israel, concerning their land. That was Gods decision.

He made covenant with descendants of Abrahams son, Israel. Jesus is Jewish and we can receive him as savior and Lord; today.



GiGi again's Proverbs Chapter 1 comment on 5/28/2022, 10:44am...

Part 2

This isolation and repetition of a closed system of gene transmission would produce characteristics specific to each isolated people groups that distinguished them from other isolated groups. This would lead to different "races". But in reality, humans are all one race with consistent variations of characteristics that distinguish them as only human, just like the variations in horses are present but they are all horses, though different breeds created either through natural genetic transmission between an isolated group or manipulated by man.

We are all humans created by God possessing the His image in a way that is not well explained in Scripture. Knowing that we all have this quality placed in us by God we can understand that we are different than the animals in abilities and in intrinsic value. This is why God emphasizes to us to value and protect human life and to avoid ending anyone's life through murder or gross negligence. He says this to Noah (Genesis 9:6) and through Moses (Exodus 20:13) and through Jesus (Matthew 5:21-22).

Jesus even expands this commandment by not actual murder, but by hating another or dehumanizing another person.

We are to love our neighbor as ourselves and do good to others, avoiding harming them. We are to be compassionate and caring towards others regardless of their "looks", ethnicity, or status. We are to be welcoming of those that are not from our "area", treating them justly.


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