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Star1964's Ezekiel Chapter 19 comment on 8/10/2023, 9:32am...

Thank you for the smile! God Bless you all your days!


Chris's Ezekiel Chapter 19 comment on 7/29/2023, 10:32pm...

Thank you Sister Star1964 for your reply & I can understand the difficulty in sometimes understanding the Scriptures & how they all fit together. These were the words given to Israel, often words of warning & impending suffering & judgement, but also words of hope & consolation if they should repent of their wickedness & unfaithfulness and they turn their hearts back to the LORD. When we partition this Book of Ezekiel (as also with other Bible books), we can see the picture more clearly & this will help us understand the times, the people, the judgements, & the promises.

The chapter you were reading (chap 19), is just a small section of Ezekiel's prophecies against Judah & Jerusalem (actually from chapter 4 to chapter 24), & it is understood that Ezekiel gave these prophetical warnings (in these chapters) prior to the fall of Jerusalem, reminding his fellow captives (even as Ezekiel was one of them) that God's Judgement on the city & Temple was certain.

When you get to chapters 25 to 32, Ezekiel prophesies against the Gentile nations, that God's Judgement was also coming upon them; but there was still hope for Israel (chapters 33 to 38) & of course this newly revived Israel's role in the coming Millennial Kingdom of their Messiah (chapters 40 to 48). This is just a very brief outline to help you divide the Book & see to whom God is speaking to and of God's Promise that God will "save my flock...will set up one shepherd over them...even my servant David...And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them; I the LORD have spoken it" (Ezekiel 34:22-24; referring to their coming Messiah Jesus, son of David (a term that some Jews knew of the Messiah referred to in the Old Testament, Matthew 21:15 & others).

So, when you write, "...it says that we are looking at it is happening today", I'm unsure what you are supposed to be reading in that chapter or the book that indicates this - maybe the problem lies here in that message.


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