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Adam's Ezekiel Chapter 7 comment about verse 19 on 1/09/2021, 10:49pm...

Dear Cathy,

A Christian is a Christ follower. That's the literal definition. It's not a one time event, but an active lifestyle. To follow someone is an action. The opposite of that is to not follow or to do nothing. God won't force anyone to be with Him in heaven- He gave everyone freewill to choose for themselves what their priority is. In the New Testament, Jesus spoke a lot of parables about how most people will go to hell and few people will be saved (narrow is the gate). He gave a lot of warnings to people including his followers to avoid sin and keep His commandments. If someone wants to spend eternity and be in heaven this isn't something to be taken lightly. Sin is no joke.

This life is nothing compared to eternity and people often treat this life like it's everything, like they want power, money, status and that will 'make them happy'. Even though this has been known for countless years people still pursue it. The Bible says such pursuits are worthless. We should invest our treasures in heaven, not on earth. We are to be a light to the world in love and through our actions, not follow the world in sin.

While genuine Christians are imperfect and sinners and saved by grace, that doesn't mean we should not genuinely try to follow Jesus and obey His commandments. There are lots of verses I could quote in support of this, but these are easily found in reading through the Bible. Romans explains this in greater detail, as does James, etc. God bless.


Cathy's Ezekiel Chapter 7 comment about verse 19 on 1/09/2021, 8:11pm...

Not one of us are sin free or, I guess pure, as some of you say. Do people who go to church every week and try to live a life with lots of church, Bible reading, studies, without drugs or alcohol believe that living this way, asking God for forgiveness, and being baptized makes you pure? Do you believe you will be we welcome in Heaven by the Lord over someone who doesn't go to church, has sex without marriage, uses & addicted to drugs, someone such as myself? It seems to be the belief by lots of religions is why I'm asking. One of you made a comment seeming to insinuate this as well. Ty


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