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Son of Father God in me ist spiryt od thrut's Ezekiel Chapter 7 comment about verse 19 on 8/19/2021, 9:30pm...

Acts 28:27

27 For the heart of this people is become dense: and they have made heavy their

hearing, and they have closed their eyes, lest they should see by their eyes, and hear

by their ears, and should understand in their heart, and should return to Me and I

should forgive them.1285

28 Therefore, be this known to you: that to the Goyim is this salvation of Eloah being

sent, for they also are hearing it.1286

29 [And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had a great dispute among


30 And Paul hired a house for himself from his own [resources], and lived in it two years:

and he received there, all those who came to him.

31 And he proclaimed concerning the Kingdom of Eloah, and taught boldly concerning

our Adon Yeshua the Messiah

; without hindrance.im sorry Mesziah servent ... Father May piss oll im iam He also neu testament to im be ha his Armi

Ot oll ist i. Dis dook


Serce dobroci's Ezekiel Chapter 7 comment about verse 19 on 8/19/2021, 8:55pm...

however, what is true, someone died for us, those who are looking for it and what they see between lies and the truth does not count that the bodily suffering, empathy and manipulation our Father God of all gods father of fathers and those who have the spirit of truth Mashaiah the Iahaszua who was born in Bethlehem from the blessed of Luckie women and the Father the Spirit of God clearly in the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Volgota of the fathers of faith religious DOCTRINE apostolic creedo they benda say that this or that game. the name of the son and what is the name of the Spirit (Holy) if IahaSzAua spoke in Aramaic Gali which is not Syrian because it is Romanization and Hebrew biblical has volgote Mader lexicon .. She will save you. I am who the spirit of truth John 16 describes in the Bible; describes the spirit of truth. the light of the body and consciousness, so wake up from the denomination of the Greek kein bible and idoligs, do not pray to anyone but to the Father, do not have these worlds every Christmas and sing coriander to this devil Timothy writes E Satan will try to exalt himself ... then then understand the father's plea in the name of tulko what better to think about father For the glory of the supreme throne Do not look for religious people without the doctrine of Dagmat and Phizolofi .. this is the spirit for sins from hell this is the doctrine of the apostolic fathers of the Christian Catholic occult of Magic words Magic is in the book of Abraham book of death you will find a small record in the pubic domine, he as a friend of my Father because he is in us and he is in him and we are in the context of mystical secrecy. died for your sin the traditions and religions of these scribes. history teaches the truth pray call upon your heart. only what you will do, he really knows, because I have knowledge and love, and he called me to the puatins of the year and wash in wait robes and with your own knuckles without their religious Im AM he goiem


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