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Mishael's Titus Chapter 1 comment on 4/21/2022, 12:47pm...

Dear one, go on YouTube and type in GREG LAURIE.

He's a Pastor of Harvest Church. The whole church participates in evangelism. He's a really great guy. Probably about your dads age. He has an "all purpose testimony like mine". You should read it to know what he's about.

If you subscribe all his most recent sermons will appear on your "home" button in the YouTube app.

Sometimes we have to go to some flaky churches to find one that really gets us involved.

I'm praying for you to find a true place of rest, like Psalm 23, describes. Keep coming back here when you have time. I love new faces. Make comments too. :D


Daniel Lindenbaum's Titus Chapter 1 comment on 4/20/2022, 7:56am...

Corruption came into the early church in different ways. With the church of Corinth (being such a large city back in the day) and in the 1st letter of Corinthians; we see there was cases of great discord and sin in their ministry. Paul rebukes that through the Holy Ghost. In 2nd Corinthians chapters 12 & 13 Paul gives instruction and warning to Corinth for things such as in 2 Corinthians 12:19-21. Look at Thessalonica...during Paul's first visit, they rejected him (although God's Spirit eventually broke through). Galatians was polluted with Judaizers (early Messianics).

Don't EVER put your Faith or confidence in a physical church. In a study I had the other day, I'd estimate more than 98% of churches today preach corrupt false doctrines and twist Bible verses. I see it here in this discussion too all the time. That's the church too. We should love and pray for the body of Christ (the church) but if you're hearing a preacher doing or saying something contrary to God's Word; simply leave. Don't cause a scene or anything else but simply leave.

Main line denominations have fallen far from God's Word for centuries now. Not one is in total agreement with the other. The most dangerous place is not even the physical churches. It's in internet churches, social media and right here on the internet. That's where I've seen some of the most blasphemous articles written on the Bible and called "theology." Remember, God's Word is simple and Christ's Salvation was for those simple the same. Anytime you notice it being complicated -- beware...there are wolves behind the pulpits today.


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