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Gary g4harkyahoocom's Revelation Chapter 6 comment on 1/02/2021, 7:48am...

The White horse is the LAW Moses if you will, the only one in scripture riding a white horse is God, Ref-Rev-19-21.. The red horse is Christ, the rep- of the blood that flowed , That sword is the Word of God ( the word of God is a sharp two edged sword--- ) Jesus said think not that I have come to bring piece, but a sword and a mans enemy's will be them of his own household..

The black horse denotes darkness Yes, Jesus said word wile you have the light the night comes when no one can work, but think of the set of divine Balances in his hand The Barely= The old Test- the wheat the new Test, see you hurt not the Oil=Faith and wine= Spirit...These horses riders are the revealing of the WORD of GOD...? What is the 4th horse rider a rep-Of,,= You mite be surprised, he is not what you think he is , Ask the Question !!!


Ron's Revelation Chapter 6 comment about verse 6 on 12/15/2020, 7:40pm...

While both your positions are plausible, I lean more toward 1), there will be many more poor people and widespread economic hardship during the Tribulation period, yet a few rich will be able to enjoy the luxury goods, the wine and oil. The "Penny" in the KJV is the Roman silver denarius, which was a day's wage for a soldier or common laborer, as illustrated in Christ's parable of the laborers in Matthew Ch. 20. This may be describing a scenario where for many an entire day's earnings will purchase only a bare minimum of necessary food. The concentration of excessive wealth in a tiny percentage of the population and the gradual erosion of the middle class that we see today may be the beginning of this. For the first time in several generations, our children will not be as well off as we were.


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