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David's 2 Kings Chapter 8 comment about verse 26 on 8/21/2021, 8:17pm...

Praise the Lord for His omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. I thank God and His faithfulness to His own Word that He will help us through this current spiritual famine we are in.

Let's stand fast and do His will accord to scripture. Pray for the current leadership during this pandemic, but especially the situation in Afghanistan. God bless them with the mind of Christ. May the Lord "Blind" the eyes of the Taliban, so that our citizens, allies, and troops are able to evacuate without casualties.

Thank you Lord for hearing our cries. August 2021


S Spencer's 2 Kings Chapter 8 comment on 4/29/2021, 9:09pm...

Hi Pasquel,

It will be difficult to comfort her out of the scripture if he died lost.

I would say pray for her often, and be as close a friend that she would allow you to be, So she can see the love of Christ in you.

I hope that helps you and her.

God bless.


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