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GiGi again's Acts Chapter 21 comment on 9/09/2022, 10:29am...

Hello Ronald,

I am not wishing to debate either. Thank you for your input.

I read last night in Acts 15:6-11. Peter says that God had chosen him to preach to the Gospel to the Gentiles so that they would believe. He went on to say that God gave the Gentiles the Holy Spirit just as He had done for them in Jerusalem. So, apparently, Peter was preaching the Gospel to Gentiles before he knew Paul.

My point is that it is wise to avoid hard and fast views concerning how the Gospel spread nor when the church began because I think that God is the only One who truly knows what He did in those days, as He builds the church and chosen whom will preach the Gospel and where.

We have the book of Acts an the writings of Paul, Peter, John, James, and Jude to reveal some information about the church in the 1st century A.D. But this is not a running history that includes the work of all the other apostles, nor the others of the 120 who were in the room at Pentecost. if we did, we would know better how things transpired. Since Scripture does not include a full account of the workings of the church at this time, perhaps we can be satisfied that the Word of God concerning the Gospel of Jesus was spread throughout the known world during that century by Jesus' apostles and disciples as well as from Believer to those in their sphere of influence. That is the important matter, in my opinion. When the apostles became apostles or began their work or when the church truly began are somewhat peripheral matters to me. But since there is this discussion on these topics, we can share what the Scriptures say about this to one another and share what we learned from them.

I appreciate your instruction to me. It helps me.


Ronald Whittemore's Acts Chapter 21 comment on 9/09/2022, 6:02am...

Hey GiGi,

I also love the Word of God, in Acts 1, the former treatise referring to Luke's gospel, "all Jesus began to do and teach". In vs. 2 after Jesus ascended, He gave commandments through the Holy Spirit. At that time, they were still looking for the Messiah to set up the kingdom and free them from Rome, vs. 6 "Lord wilt thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel".

In vs. 7 and 8, Jesus told them it was not for them to know the times or seasons and after the Holy Spirit came, they would receive power and guidance. They were told they would be witnesses unto the uttermost part of the world, but they were not told when, the Holy Spirit would tell them when and whereas we see throughout the New Testament.

They stayed in Jerusalem, it was not until after Stephen's death by the same council that put Jesus to death, stopped their ears, their rejection of the Messiah was complete. Not until then did the Holy Spirit direct them to preach Jesus to Samaria. It was Philip, not the apostle but the evangelist, one of the 7, Acts 6:5 went into Samaria and was the first to preach Jesus. When the apostles who were still in Jerusalem heard, Peter and John went to see, Acts 8. Acts 9 Paul and Acts 10 Peter's dream.

We see how the Holy Spirit led Peter; Peter even said it was unlawful for a Jew to keep company with one of another nation, but God through the Holy Spirit showed him that God is no respecter of persons. My understanding is at this time the 70-week prophecy given to Daniel that was determined upon Daniel's people and the holy city was fulfilled,

You do not have to reply, I did not intend to create a debate, I just thought you may like to study it. I know many places the 70th week at the end times but what if it has been fulfilled?

God bless,



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