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Suze's 1 John Chapter 2 comment on 6/13/2022, 2:31am...

Hi Robert , I know how you feel , it can be hard sometimes to keep ourselves spotted from this world , we are physical creatures and live through our senses , sight sound etc , it requires effort and determination to move away from the sensual input of this life and just find time to be quite and alone with our Dear Heavenly Father . Mornings are a quiet time for me so I say my prayers and think about what I've recently read in the Bible . I don't know where you are but I bet there are Christian organisations somewhere near you that would love you to help them out a bit , or...you could become a regular on here smiley face , there's plenty of good things to read and you might want to do a bit of posting also , my advice ? Try not to get entangled in pointless circular debated on here , keep it brief and simple and clear , I don't always stick to my own rules though I do try to smiley face , much love to you in Christ .


Free's 1 John Chapter 2 comment on 6/12/2022, 11:17pm...

Dear "Robert DeHaan", in peace. You're probably not the only one who's becoming a TV slave these days. I myself try to do what the Lord expects of me. Read and pray for all people, rulers, kings and Israel, peace be upon Jerusalem. And you probably do too.

Everything takes its time, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Even though we are retired, time is short. It goes so fast during the day, suddenly one has passed, the month has passed, the year has passed. But i think we should comfort ourselves with: Romans 1:16-17 for example. Then i can thank the Lord that. That time is over. Young people's hustle and bustle and think of everything they should have and done.

See in the conscience, is it good? All good hopefully. But i wish i could spend all my time with the Lord. It will be as our dear Paul says, Romans 7:19

Then it's good to come here on the web and know we have someone who has it like us. Pray and be present. There is always something. Witness outside standing, as soon as i get an opportunity in time and out of time. 2 Timothy 4:2 and continue to pray. Ill think it is a service, and could sit back and be the one present. Always ready and reach out a hand, in Jesus name right? That is the hope we have, to be enveloped in the love of God in Jesus Christ now and forever.

Stand strong brother and if i cant see u in this life. I see u in next. God bless us in Jesus name, Love u in Christ.


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